Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dean Martin "An American Buddha" Principle Number 5: Knower Of The World

Hey pallies, here is the fifth characteristic of how our Dino is like an American Buddha...check out my Dinobro Keith and my Dinothoughts and share some of your very Dino-own... Dinosharin', DMP

dean martin peters wrote:
Hey pallie Keith, I am not sure of this is what "well gone" means....but we have both spoken Dinotruth 'bout how Dino took charge of his life and did it his way....leavin' when he said so and not on somebody else's terms. If I get the opportunity I may try to study this Buddist principle more and see if it resonates with our Dinothoughts. The next Buddha principle is like so much like our Dino....."knower of the world." Who knew himself and the world better then our Dino. Dino knew what made the world tick....Dino knew what would turn people on....both the guys and the gals who craved him so...just like we do. Dino knew how to use the pleasures of the world and not let the pleasures use him. I believe that it was Deana who was quoted as sayin' "Dino used alcohol, alcohol didn't use him." Because our Dino is such an insightful knower of the world, it is our desire to follow his Dinoleadin' as he welcomes us to his Dinoworld. The great success of the Dinoshow was 'cause our Dino knew what would turn people on and keep them watchin'. Our Dino is the wisest of philosophers 'cause of his total worldly knowledge. Wanna say more 'bout this, but the clock says I must Dinogo. So, pallie Keith, want to hear your Dinoinsights into this buddha characteristic and then will add some more of my own as Dinotime Dinopermits. Dinoentranced by Dino's worldly ways, DMP

Keith wrote:
Hey pallie DMP,

Oh yeah. Dino was definitely a "knower of the world." He understand the world better than any of us. He knew himself better first of all. He understood who he was deep down and what he wanted out of life. He wasn't living in a delusion and living the expectations of others. He was confident in himself and had the cojones to go out and get it. He was a man who got out of life what he wanted. He knew what kind of man he was. He didn't need to have anyone else tell him who he was or who he should be. He made up his own man. He knew he was the Master of Hip, the King of Cool, and the Ruler of Randy. He didn't need anyone else to tell him that. He knew without a shadow of a doubt who he was. That made him so much better. So many of us are lost and empty. We don't know who we really are or who we want to be. We live out the dreams and goals of others. So many times we never live our lives fo ourselves. We ask those eternal questions of who am I, where did I come from, where am I going. Dino knew the answers to those questions. He didn't have to seek out the answers. That made him all the more special. Then Dino knew how the world worked. He saw the way people did each other. He understood that the society tried to keep people in line, keep them part of the herd and as mindless sheep. Dino was not going to have any of that. He wasn't going to live a stressful and hectic life on the daily grind. He wasn't going to punch some time card. He was going to be about booze, butts, and broads. That's the life he wanted to live and he would be damned if he let anyone stop him from living it. He didn't care what the critics said, he didn't care for what society considered taboos. He knew himself and he knew the world. He wanted to share all of this with the masses. He wanted people to see what a fun life could be. Life should be an adventure full of pleasure, instead of some miserable bore we co through day end and day out. The Dinoshow especially was Dino's way of teaching us. He was a knower of the world and this wise philospher wanted to share that knowledge with the people. People were glued to their tv sets. For almost a decade, Dino was there every week to share his wisdom with anyone willing to learn the ways of Dino. He had so much knowledge to share with us. He showed us how to woo a lady, how to smoke a cig, how to croon a song, how to crack a joke, how to dress, etc. Dino was the true knower of the world. No one else surpassed him on this. Nobody even came close. So what do you think?

I guess we can also move on to the next Buddhist characteristic:

6. unsurpassed leader of persons to be tamed

Your thoughts, grasshopper? :-)

Keep Dinoswingin


Rogue Spy 007 said...

What I can say about this that hasn't already been said. There's so debate that our Dino's a knower of the world. He understood how the world works. He knew who he was and what he wanted out of life. He didn't have to do a lot of soul searching. He understood life and how to get the most out of it. He shared that knowledge with us through his music, movies, tv show, and stage act. There are so many words of knowledge that we can grasp from what our Dino has shared with us. Nobody knows this world and how it goes better than our Dino.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, all I can say my Dinobro is right-on speaks like such one is has more worldly knowledge then our Dino....alls we gotta do is listen and then apply his Dinoprinciples...