Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dean Martin "An American Buddha" Characteristic Number 4: Well Gone

Hey pallies, like here is some Dinodiscussion on Buddha characteristic numero 4....and like pallies, leave some Dinopatter on your Dinothoughts of how our Dino is Well Gone.. Dinosharin', DMP

dean martin peters wrote:
Hey pallie Keith, dude we seem to have much the same Dinothoughts when it comes to our Dino "staying in perfect knowledge".. .indeed if there ever was a dude who truly "knew himself' it is our Dino and he always stayed in the perfect knowledge of himself and what he wanted out of life....and like what our Dino wanted, he always could make happen his Dinoself. Now, the next characteristic of the buddha is prob the most difficult to comprehend.. .#4 is well gone. I think this may mean somethin' like how do you make good endin's in your life. Well if that be the Dinocase, again our Dino is like the greatest model of this. When Dino decided that it would not be in his best interest in keepin' the Dino and jer act goin' it was Dino who said his goodbye to the jer, not the other way 'round. When Dino decided that it would not be a good idea to do a 5th Matt Helm caper, it was our Dino who told Columbia studios no....even though they threatened a law suit....Dino was well gone from the Matt Helm series. When Dino had enough of the Jeanne, it was Dino who filed for divorce....and on what day of all days.....Valentine' s was Dino who made the decision and on his terms sayin'...."I know it is the gentlemanly thing to do to let the woman file, but I'm no gentleman. When the studio cut loose Miss Marilyn Monroe when they were havin' such probs with her in "Something's Gotta Give," it was our Dino who said he would not complete the picture with 'nother actress..... and the picture was scrapped. Dino did it his way, bein' loyal to Miss Marilyn..... just 'nother example of how our Dino was well gone in his actions of endin' things on his Dinoterms. And after a couple of years with wife #3, Cathy with the candified K, it again was our Dino who cut loose of her, not Cathy leavin' our Dino....'nother sign of how Dino lived a life of bein' "well gone." And the Dinoexamples could be told over and over who called the shots on the Dinoshow.... NBC.....NEVER. was our Dino who did the show only on his Dinoterms. Just 'nother Dinoexample of how the King of Cool lived his life only on his terms and was "well gone" in his Dinoprinciples. Pallie Keith, perhaps I may be Dino-all-wet in what how I think that Dino was "well gone." Please feel Dinofree to Dinoinstruct me in your Dinotruth. Dinowonderin' , DMP

Keith wrote:
Hey pallie DMP,

Dino knew himself. He didn't have doubts about himself. He was confident in who he was and what he was about. He didn't need a mentor to lead him down the right path. He knew it from the beginning. He always knew he was the Master of Hip, the King of Cool, and the Ruler of Randy. The rest of the world just had to discover that. Once they did, they all feel down on their knees in admiration and devotion of our Dino. He took them by the hand, raised them up, and offered them a drink and a smoke.

The "well gone" concept was a little confusing to me. I appreciate your insights. I think they opened up my mind to what this is all about. Dino was the one who offered the Jer part of his $50 to join his act. He wasn't asked to join, but offered the Jer to be a part of an act with him. Then when he realized that it wasn't working anymore because of the Jer's jealousy and dictatorship attitude, he was the one who said goodbye. It wasn't the Jer. It was Dino. Dino had had enough and moved on. It's the same with Jeanne. Dino and her lived seperate lives for so many years. They lived in the same house, but had different bedrooms. It wasn't Jeanne though who decided when it was over. It was Dino. He had had enough and was ready to move on. He had spent enough time with Jeanne and realized that they had different ideas of how to live life. He moved on and got his own pad. It was the same way with his third wife. She didn't leave him. Dino was tired of it and moved on. It was Dino who left the last tour with Sammy and Frankie. Frankie was getting on his nerves with his demands. Dino didn't want to be on the road anymore. He missed his boypallie Dino Jr. His heart wasn't into performing anymore. The swingin' Rat Pack days were behind him. It wasn't Frank who said goodbye. Dino had enough and was ready to go home. There are many cases of Dino doing this. When he had enough, he was "well gone." Dino didn't do what others told him. He made his own decisions. He didn't follow the crowd or society. He wasn't one of the mindless sheep in the herd. He was his own man. If he didn't like something or had enough of it, he packed his bags and was "well gone."

What do you think of that?

Now on to the next characteristic:

5. unsurpassed knower of the world

Keep Dinoswingin' ,


Rogue Spy 007 said...

In all his relationships, both personal and business, it was our Dino who set the terms. When he was ready to move on, he did it. He didn't hold on, hoping that things would turn around or stay content with how life was going. He knew he was taking a risk, but that's what life is about. We succeed when we take risks and chances. Our Dino's self confident and sure of himself. He knew what he wanted and didn't want. He wasn't afraid of saying good-bye, see you later, and I'm out of here.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, first of all I wanna thanks you for your permission to repost these Dinochats that we first had at our little Dinopad, ilovedinomartin, over at yahoo. Like I does think that these have been some of our very Dinobest Dinoconversations happy to share 'em with a wider Dinoaudience...and thanks for your Dinocomments, like you speak such Dinotruth with such Dinoboldness...