Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Let's Talk to Lucy - Episode 5 with Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes those who have beenin' hangin' out at our humble little ilovedinomartin Dino-pad for a while knows that ever so often we take notice of a pallie showin' true Dino-palliedom...that special quality of bein' deeply devoted to our most beloved Dino and to all of his pallies.  Today we salute our own Miss AOW (Always On Watch) who most recently was over at youtube and came 'cross this rarest of rare, coolest of cool Dino-find....a vid clip of a radio interview that Miss Lucille Ball did with none other then our Dino.

Sometime in 1964 Miss Ball decided, in her own words, "I wanted to talk to people as myself Lucille Ball," and so with her current husband Gary Morton as producer, Lucy created the "Let's Talk To Lucy" radio programme.  And, very early in her new venture, episode 5 to be exact, Lucy had the pure pleasure of interviewin' our Dino.

As you listen to the clip below which runs 'bout ten minutes you will get to hear Miss Ball chat with Dino 'bout golf, his new single recordin' "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime," his new al-b-um "Dream With Dean," what Dino wants for his children to become, and Dino Jr. new combo that would be tagged "Dino, Desi, and Billy."

In addition you will hear about Dino's lastest gig in 'Vegas baby' 'Vegas, his plans to tour Europe with his wife Jeanne, his affection for his pallies in the Rat Pack, and his latest Rat Pack big screen epic, "Robin And The Seven Hoods."  If that is not enough you will also 'bout his most recent flick, "Kiss Me Stupid" with Miss Kim Novak, his attitude toward livin' life, his thought on the easy job of actin', his affection for his wife Jeanne, and his dislike of gossips and movie mags.

Likes in just ten short minutes, we gets tons and tons of cool info from our main man himself...and might be add, as usual our Dino does it with such fun and finesse....the classiest of classy class act. Likes it seems likes we are right there as Miss Ball patters with our King of Cool...awesome totally totally awesome!  And, we dare not to forget all the cool background pixs that whoever put this vid together assembled to make it an even more thrillin' Dino-presentation!

We simply can't thank our pallie Miss AOW  'nough for sharin' this deeply delightful discovery of Dino-magic with us so that we coulda shares it with all youse Dino-philes.  And, the bestest of best news is that once Miss AOW discovered this one and we watched it, we found yet 'nother interview that Miss Lucille Ball did with Dino that we will be goin' to share tomorrow. Thanks 'gain Miss AOW for exhibitin' such deep, pure, and true Dino-palliedom!   Deeply Diggin' Dino, DMP

Let's Talk to Lucy - Episode 5 with Dean Martin


Danny G. said...

Wow! VERY cool! So so wise & easy goin', our pal! Great find MS. AOW!!!

Always On Watch said...

Isn't it too cool to happen across these new Dino finds? I had no idea that Lucille Ball even did such radio interviews.

I rarely find anything Dino-related before I Love Dino Martin. But, hey, this time I did! And one I did, I just had to pass along the find.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, we are most deeply Dino-delighted that youse did...and that there was also a second radio programme as well that goes up this very day at ilovedinomartin. Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!