Saturday, October 12, 2013

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Right Kind Of Woman"

Welcome back pals! Can I ask a question? Have youse ever been so completely head over heels for some "special" someone, that you were willin' to give up EV ER Y THIN' else that life had to offer FOR this "special" someone???!!! Well pallies...I HAVEN'T! Hahaha!!! Just kiddin'ol' pals o' mine!;)

Anyways...this week's Serenade is bout' EXACTLY that kinda feelin'! "The Right Kind Of Woman" tells us how this COM PLETE LY sold out fella is willin' to change his ENTIRE life to be with this swingin' little vixen! Man pallies...this guy has got it bad...& that ain't good! Hahaha! Sounds to me like he could use a few classes on LOVIN' & playin' it cool from our King of Cool!

Well, I wish him the best & I wish ALL my pallies the best when it comes to the CRAZY game of love! May we ALL find that "special" someone that's out there for us! Good luck pals!

I could really get back into style
Greet everyday with a smile
Life would really be somethin' worth while
With the right kind of woman.

I could walk onto life's battlefield
And make all of my enemies yield
With a hug and a kiss for a shield
For the right kind of woman

I would keep every tear from her eye
There is nothing that I wouldn't try
I would pull down the stars from the sky
For the right kind of woman

I would make her queen on a throne
If she promised to be mine alone...
And I'd give everything that I own
For the right kind of woman.

The right kind of woman...
The right kind of woman lovin' me
Would make it all get better
Set my troubles free.

I would give her my love everyday
(keep on givin')
I'd mean every word that I'd say
(keep on givin')
There is nothing that would keep me away
From the right kind of woman.

And I'm searchin' as hard as I can
(keep on searchin')
For the one to fit into my plan
(keep on searchin')
For I could be a much better man
With the right kind of woman.

I could be a much better man
With the right kind of woman.

Keep on searchin', keep on searchin'.


Always On Watch said...

Gotta love our Dino's country sound! Great Latin rhythms too.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, just wants to lets you knowse that I particularly appreciated your Dino-patter for this cool cool Dino-croon.
Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

Danny G. said...

Hey pals...glad you enjoyed the Serenade! Appreciates the great feedback from my Dino-lovin' peers!