Friday, October 05, 2012

On This Day In Dino-history: October 5, 1953

Hey pallies, likes gotta 'fess up that I didn't likes plan to have 'nother post this Dino-day, but google 'lerts likes sent me over to our great pallie Mark R.'s cool cool pad, "popculturefanboy" where Mark has scribed 'nother great Dino-historical note.

Likes dudes, likes it is on this very day, October 5, in the year of our Dino 1953 that our most beloved Dino recorded that fab jazz croon of "The Christmas Blues." Likes truly digs how Mark shares all the folks who played with Mr. Dick Stabile's orchestra. How fabulous woulda it be to be one of those pallies recordin' with our great man?!?!?!?!

Below is the the Dino-scribin's from Mark R. as well as the vid clip of our Dino singin' the blues of Christmas. ilovedinomartin sends our our bestest of best Dino-appreciato for the on-goin' work of our pallie Mark for keepin' us all up-to-Dino-date! To read this in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram. Dino-learnin' and Dino-growin', DMP

1953 - Dean Martin, with Dick Stabile and His Orchestra (Walter "Pete" Candoli on trumpet; Milt Bernhart, Tommy Pederson, George Roberts, Si Zentner on trombone; Harry Klee and Warren "Champ" Webb on saxophone; Walter Weschler on piano; Bob Bain on guitar; Joe Comfort on bass; Frankie Carlson and Alvin Stoller on drums; Ann Mason Stockton on harp; and on strings: Victor Bay, Alex Beller, Harry Bluestone, Walter Edelstein, Nathan Ross, Mischa Russell, Paul Shure, Felix Slatkin, and Gerald Vinci on violin; Paul Robyn and David Sterkin on viola; Cy Bernard and Eleanor Slatkin on cello), records the track "The Christmas Blues" in Los Angeles, California. Capitol will issue the track as a single (Capitol 2640) with "If I Should Love Again" on the flip side.

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