Friday, March 09, 2012

“Many’s the thing I clipped from that store when I was a kid.”

Hey pallies, likes regular readers of ilovedinomartin knows that I am as or perhaps even more so a-politico then our most beloved Dino, but likes when it comes to gatherin' new Dino-info and growin' in my Dino-knowledge and impartin' such to all youse Dino-philes I will certainly enter the politico sphere briefly if it aids in more Dino-discovery.

Such is the case with today's Dino-devotion. Seems that Rick Santorum found himself in Dino-mecca, Stu-ville, givin' a speech on Tuesday night after the presidential primary in Ohio. Well publicity of said, evoked memories of some pallie who lives in Millbrook, NY and scribes for the on-line pad "The Millbrook Times." This guy had a stepmother who hailed from Stu-ville and her fam ran a mecca city department store tagged Sulzbachers. This lady's name was Hellen and one time she visited 'Vegas and met up with our Dino.

Anyway, you can read below the very very cool Dino-dialogue that insued between Miss Hellen and our great man. Likes, oh how I so so loves readin' more and more true Dino-tales with each and everyone providin' deeper and deeper insight into our engimatic Dino!

Hats off to the unnamed scriber of this Dino-history and to all the pallies at "The Millbrook Times" for makin' this real life Dino-encounter known to the known world!
To read this in it's entirety, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-learnin' and Dino-growin', DMP

The Rustbelt City of Steubenville Ohio

Rick Santorum gave a victory speech last night in Steubenville Ohio and it brought back a lot of memories. My stepmother was from Steubenville, born and raised there. Her father was from Wheeling, West Virginia and somehow got to Steubenville and opened up a department store there called Sulzbachers Department Store. I guess in those days it still had a strong German connection as I remember that Hellen spoke German fluently. It was at a time when the midwest was growing and jobs were plentiful. Weirton West Virginia was right across the river and the steel mills were going full tilt.

I guess all that was going well until after the Second War or even until the end of the 50s. From that time on, like Poughkeepsie, there was a slow but steady downhill trajectory that continues today. I guess you can blame it on everything from Chinese manufacturing to unemployment to the welfare state to regional shopping malls to the interstate road system, but the truth is that there probably is enough blame to go around and what has happened in Steubenville and Youngstown and Poughkeepsie for that matter has happened all over the country. I guess we can take heart from the fact that our country invented the computer, the iPhone and hedge funds!

But here are a few stories of the old Steubenville as I heard them told by Hellen (no not a typo):

Dean Martin was also from Steubenville and was a little younger than my step mother. By chance they met once in Las Vegas and someone said at the table that Hellen was also from Steubenville. Dean asked Hellen her maiden name and when she said Sulzbacher, his eyes lit up and he said “Many’s the thing I clipped from that store when I was a kid.”


Always On Watch said...

Great find, DMP!

Back in 1985, Mr. AOW and spent a bit of time in Steubenville. We visited a coin dealer there -- quite an elderly gentleman but sharp as a tack and still running a thriving shop. He told us, "Yeah, I knew Dino. I gave him the money to get out of town so that he wouldn't end up getting arrested. The best thing I ever did was give him that money. He made good!"

I wish that I could remember that coin dealer's name.

Mr. AOW and I have returned to Steubenville a few times since 1985, but not till the century turned over. That coin dealer is long gone now.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, I thought this was simply a marvelous little Dino-tale. Thanks ever so much for sharin' your Dino-tale as well. Might you consider writin' this up for a special ilovedinomartin Dino-post...likes how thrilled you musta been to find that coin dealer! Keeps lovin' our Dino!

Always On Watch said...

Sure. Spring break from classes arrives soon, and I'm sure that I'll have some time then to write up a little something about that Steubenville coin dealer -- exclusively for your web site here, of course.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks ever so much Miss AOW...always so so look forward to your Dino-contributions...helpin' all us Dino-philes grow in our Dino-devotion. BTW, be sure to checks out today's Dino-gram 'cause it contains great info on more Dino-devotion in fact, likes perhaps you have visited the Dino-space reported? Keeps lovin' our Dino!