Sunday, March 11, 2012

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Off Again, On Again"

Man o man pallies...Dean is in a REAL stew this week! Seems our great man is in this totally crazy relationship with some totally far out chickalina!!! "Off Again, On Again" really sums up this whacked out senora. She dosen't know WHAT she wants!!!

Now if Dino was to ask me what he should do with this gonzo goumad (girlfriend) ...I'd say..."Dean...c'mon pallie, this broad isn't worth all the drama!..Either she's in or she's out!...Now let's go grab a drinky!" Ha ha ha!! Who knows pals...he might even take me up on it.

Now we all know that soon as Dean comes strollin' into any lounge, ALL the ladies are at his beckon call. I'm sure that he would have his pick of lady friends that would be more than willin' to commit to our bestest pal! Let's hope Dean gives this chicky one more try & then it's Splitsville! Enjoy pals!

Off Again On Again

Off again on again it`s here and then it`s gone again

Oh this is some romance

In again out again it`s with and then without again

Let`s give it half a chance

It`s cold and then hot again you`re mine and then you`re not again

You`re always playing peek-a-boo

I`m in a stew about blue about what am I going to do about

Off again on again you

(Off again on again it`s here and then it`s gone again)

(Oh this is some romance)

(In again out again it`s with and then without again)

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Kylie said...

I remember hearing this for the first time when I was little on the vinyl album The Lush Years.
Not long after we had this on the Bear Family sets.
Another good Dino song :)