Monday, May 23, 2011

On This Day In Dino-history: May 24, 1974 Last Airin' Of The Dino-show

Hey pallies, likes today is a very very important day in Dino-history 'cause likes it was 37 years ago on this day that the last episode of the Dean Martin Variety Show aired in prime time on NBC. The show had a stellar run of 9-count'em-9 years on the peacock channel.

And, now 37 years to the day, the pallies at Time-Life are beginnin' to release classic moments from the Dino-show to all Dino-holics total Dino-delight! The word from the street is that today the one and two-disc versions of the Dino-show willin' be waitin' for us on the shelves of our DVD outlets. Those of us waitin' for the complete 6 DVDs set will have to wait for June 14 to roll 'round. Have no idear pallies why the difference in release dates 'cept perhaps those of us Dino-addicts that can't wait will be at least buyin' the one or two disc sets to tide us over for the real deal.

Likes I am truly truly hopin' that today's releases will just be the start of more and more Dino-sets bein' released by the folks at Time-Life...'cause all us Dino-philes just simply and purely can never ever gets 'nough of our beloved Dino!

Below is the Dino-teaser first released on youtube when the news broke of the Time-Life releases....just a wee bit of our amazin' Dino to whet all our Dino-appetites!
Ain't it the coolest that the Time-Life folks chose the anniverary of the endin' date of our Dino's awesome show on NBC to mark the return of the Dino-show to the waitin' Dino-masses! Dino-loved, DMP

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