Sunday, May 15, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Via Veneto"

Hello again pals o mine! First off, let me apologize for missin' last weeks "Serenade". Due to technical difficulties beyond this Dino-holic's control, I was unable to email anythin' anywhere! I fought the puter' and the puter' won! Thankfully, Mrs. G saved me again! She got me back up n' runnin'!

This weeks bea u ti ful tune comes from an album titled "Out on the Town with the Rat Pack". It's called Via Veneto. Via in Italiano = street. This must be some great street in the heart of wonderful Rome for our great man to sing so so proudly!

Makes you wonder if Dean actually walked or drove this street during his lifetime with some lucky lady. Perhaps walkin' hand in hand...sippin' some chianti! Ahhh to be young and free...Gotta admit pallies, makes me yearn to visit "the Old Country" myself! "Mama mia, you'll never come home"!

OK pals, lets get lost in our great great man! Go pour a glass of your favorite crushed grape and let the croonin' take you to nother' place! Remember friends...always keep the vino and the Dino flowin'!

Via Veneto

Oh you'll never forget the Via Veneto
in Rome, wonderful Rome.

That romantic street where strangers can meet
in Rome, wonderful Rome.

If your devil may care
it's the right thoroughfare
to take a walk or a drive.

It's a positive cinch
that a paisano's pinch
will make you glad your alive!

You'll never regret Via Veneto
in Rome, marvelous Rome.

It's the land of the free
Mama mia, you'll never go home!

So senora, senore
here's a toast to amore.

On a Via Veneto in Rome.

So senora, senore
here's a toast to amore.

On a Via Veneto...a Via Veneto
in Rome!


Kylie said...

This is great :)
This is one of Deans most beautiful songs and I actually saw Dean perform this on an old copy of a Bob Hope special before I ever actually heard the recording.
He was introduced by Barbara Streisand and Dean looked so cool and so handsome singing this with a glass of ? in his hand.
Great song :)

Danny G. said...

Hey Kylie, glad you enjoyed this little tune! I agree, it is a beauty! Wish I'd seen the special from the Bob Hope show. Musta been great live!
Danny G.

Levi said...

This is a really cool song, one of my favs