Sunday, February 20, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "True Love"

 Welcome back, ol' Dino-Amore diggin' pallies o' mine! 

How's life? 

How's the amore? 

Are youse followin' Dean's lead & spreadin' the L.O.V.E 'round?! 

I hope so, pals! It's up to us...'specially this SPECIAL spread the Dino message! 

Yes, my friends...the world NEEDS a little EXTRA amore these days...& we is just the kinda folks to lead the way! Dino's Disciples! Haha!! 

OK, mi amici...let's get to this week's Serenade! 

I'm feelin' like some "live Dino" keep the vibe flowin'. 

Sound good? Great! 

Now...with Dino-Amore Month STILL in full swing...I thought some "True Love" seemed to be the PERFECTO tune to fill our love-soaked' hearts with Dino-Amore! 

Agree?! Perfecto! 

OK don't worry ladies...I know there just may be a few of youse out there...maybe single...who want Dean ALL to yourselves! 

Understandable, for sure. 

No problemo! I gots youse! 

So, with all you lovely Dino-Amore cravin' mamas sittin' at the edge of your seats...for even more ROMANTICO Dino-jams...this ones for you. 

Dino starin' right through the camera...singin' JUST for you! 

Right through your ol' 'puter, laptop or Iphone! This ones comin' right from Dino to youse! 

DEF I NATE LY 'nothin' better than some live Dino to REALLY put some romance in the air! 

Alright, my's 'bout that time! 

Pour up the vino & throw on the Dino!

Let's spread some love! Give it & receive it...unconditionally! 

That's Dino's way! 


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