Sunday, February 13, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Amor"

 Welcome, mi amici & may I wish youse all an early Happy Dino-Amore Day! 

Man o Man, pallies... have I gots us a TRULY fun fun & romantico tune to keep the LOVE flowin' on this VERY special day! 

This one says it all, my friends! 

PURE PURE lyrical passion! 

Youse better grab a wet face cloth to cool your foreheads, pals...this one sizzles! Haha!!  

I'm gonna keep a "European-styled vibe" goin' here & throw a little "Amor" at youse! 

Grabbed this sexy little number off Dean's "Cha Cha de Amor" al b um. 

It's COM PLETE LY filled with ballroom beats & pure pure lyrical gold! 

Amor Amor Amor...this word is just SO SO sweet that Dino MUST repeat! 

Now youse tell me...ol' pals o mine...what senora, with romance on her mind...could POSSIBLY deny some swoonin' croonin' senore's heart...if it was placed before her...with this jam jammin'?! 

I mean let's be real here, my amore-soaked friends! These are words of TRUE TRUE passion & SMOLDERIN' embers of HOT burnin' desire here, pals!!! Hahaha!!! it gettin' warm in here...or is it just the martinis kickin' in??!!  Better grab that facecloth! Ha! 

C'mon now people! 

This is Dino at his finest!!! 

"When your away there is no day & night's are lonely...make life devine, say you'll be mine & love me only!' 

Oh my God, pals!!! 

ALL the ladies must be meltin' over this one! I personally know of one swingin' little Dino-lovin' chicalina, that is for SURE! Ha! 

One last thin', my friends...I gots to warn youse...these Cha Cha Cha-in' beats just MAY get youse thinkin' irrationally & romantically! Haha!! 

There's NO tellin' what youse may do! 

There...youse has been warned! 

Now... let's turn up this SUPER sexy Dino-Amore Day Serenade...& keep the love flowin' til' next week! 

Salute, mi amici!

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