Sunday, January 17, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "It Won't Cool Off"

 Well, hey there, ol' palsies o' mine! 

How's thins' in your part of the world? 

Hopefully all is well & the new year is goin' smooth. 

So, pals...youse know that sayin', "Ask & youse shall receive."? Well, mi seems our request for a wee bit o' "June in January", has been heard loud & clear! 

As I sit here & type...we, here in good ol' in the middle of a warm & rainy day. We actually might see 50 degrees by midday. 

Crazy weather for January, pals! 

Did Dino actually see last week's Sunday Serenade?! Does he ACTUALLY stop by our humble little blog?!?! Haha!! Sure seems that way, pallies o' mine! 

Hey, they say's..."Youse never know". 

Anyways, mi's got me thinkin'. 

No matter what the weather is outside...we can ALWAYS be nice & comfy cozy...when Dino is swoonin' us & croonin' us! 

It's a magical thin', really. How Dean's jams can take us away. Bring us to a different place. A different time...with just a simple song.  A simple tune on a simple Winter day! friends...the magic isn't the fact that it's a warm January day. Nope. 

The MAGIC is the ability to be in & among cold cold or way too hot  temperatures, and yet maintain a certain level of HOT & FIERY coolness!  

Am I losin' youse yet, pals? Am I soundin' like I is probably halfway to losin' my mind??!! Haha!! No...I'm alright, pallies. 

It IS possible to be COLD...& HOT...& COOL...ALL at the same time! 

Yes, pals! 

Dino has achieved the unimaginable! 

He's BROKEN & COMPLETELY OBLIVERATED all laws of Science!!!  

Quick! Call me a doctor! I feel faint! Haha!! Just kiddin' , pals! 

Anyways...let me show youse what I'm ramblin' on 'bout. 

Today's Serenade, "It Won't Cool Off", will PROVE my latest theory in Dino-ology! 

If somethin' gets youse SO SO fired up & hot...& even though it may be frigidly freezin' outside...youse just cants help but feel calm & collected...with this Dino-jam flowin' in the air!  

Now, my completely cool is that? Haha!! 

I rest my case. 


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