Sunday, December 19, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Winter Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Jingle Bells"

 Welcome back, my bell jinglin'...sleigh ridin', pals! 

Youse ready for the big day?! 

Almost here! 

We is gettin' down to the wire, now, mi amici! 

Definitely one of those bittersweet days for us Dino-lovers. 

Along with all the happiness & chaotic excitement that comes with Christmas...we also mark 'nother year without our main, among us. Dino-Departure Day. friends! We still have his spirit! 

Gotta 'member that! 


Dino will be our shinin' light through ALL thins'! 

The power of music is real, pals! And Dino's, more than any other...can help us through anythin'! 

So...palsies o mine...let's be merry! 

Celebrate his life, times & teachins'! 

And never give up that glowin', happy Dino-vibe! 

I'm feelin' a little foolish today, actually! Haha!! Gotta be that strong Dino-spirit in the air, this time of year, pals! 

So what else is there left to do 'cept roll with it & get that FUN FUN Dino-air swirlin'! 

How's 'bout some "Jingle Bells" ONLY our main dude can do "Jingle Bells"...for this week's Serenade?! 

Yup! Sounds good to me! 

O'...& btw, pallies...since this is the last actual Sunday before the big day...I is gonna try to post next week's Serenade early. Probably try for Friday. 

No way I can let this VERY special day pass without one more VERY special Dino-jam! 

OK, mi amici...enjoy the tune, my friends! And enjoy all the crazy Christmassy-chaos! 

It's TRULY the MOST Dino-ful time of the year! 


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