Sunday, November 07, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Old Man River"

 Welcome back, pallies & STOP THE PRESSES!!! 

I has us some COOL COOL & TOTALLY SWINGIN' news!!! 

A very dear friend & true disciple of Dino just informed me thats a new Dino-documentry..."Dean Martin-King of Cool"...will make it's deput presentation at the SVA Theater in NYC on November 14th & will then be aired on the "Turner Classic Movie" channel on November 19th at 8pm!!! 

This was announced a few days back on Deana Martin's Twitter page. She said it's been in the makin' for the last 6 1/2 years & I am SO SO sure it is gonna be totally AWESOME!!! Haha!! 

Man o' man...I better calm down here, mi amici! I'm 'bout to blow a gaskett! Hahaha!!! 

Makes sure to check it out! 

OK, back to the Serenade. 

Well, my friends...Is it just me...or are the holidays...once 'gain...bein' thrown at us & rushed by?! 

Just got my Halloween stuff put away...Not even a week into November...& I is ALREADY gettin' the feelin' that "Christmas stress" is in the air! 


Can't we just chill out a wee bit?! Take time to soak in these BEA U TI FUL Fall days. 

Actually enjoy the different seasons. 

Be a little more like our pal, Dino, & pull thins' in a notch! 

People...sometimes...forget to appreciate life, pals!!! 

Well, mi amici...we Dino-holics know better, don't we? 


Dean is the perfecto example of how to live a SWEET SWEET & COOL COOL life! 

Just try to follow his lead...& life will flow smoothly. 

I hope! Hahaha!! 

OK, pallies...'nough ramblin'. Let's get jammin'! 

Today's Serenade will AB SO LUTE LY get youse in a SWINGIN' mood, my friends! 

Brush ANY pre-holiday stress away & "re-boot" our FRANTIC minds! 


"Old Man River" is one of my "go to" vids. 

SO SO much fun, Dean has with this one! 

Typically a powerful, yet mournful type jam...Dean puts his spin & "Dino magic" on it & BAM!!! 

It swings!!! Ha! 

Let's not stress out this year, pallies o mine! 

Just throw on some Dino & take a deep breath...Hold it...& exhale. Ahhhhhhh. 

'Member, good! 


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