Saturday, March 14, 2020

Our Darin' Dino as Swingin' Spyster Matt Helm with Miss January in "Murders' Row"

Hey pallies, likes we 're gonna 'fess up that we are on such a  deepest of deep deliriously delicious Dino-high ever since we delightfully discovered and sweetly shared yesterday's Dino-devotion from the marvelous musical pad, Pittsburgh Musical History's extraordinary expose on our most most most beloved Dino.

Likes we deeply digs each and every beautiful bit of Dino-adulation offered through the powerful prose, but what has put us on this highest of high Dino-high is the lovin' link that the pallies at Pittsburgh Musical History shared to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).  While over the course of our years of searchin' the ol' 'net for Dino-adulation, we have any number of times landed at IMDb, but not until yester-Dino-day did we come to keenly know the bountiful breath and delightful depth of their supreme selection of Dino-images dedicated to our Dino's lifetime of work on both the big and small screens.

These 811---count 'em---811 gloriously  great, powerfully potent pixs of our Dino have puts us on and continues to keep us on this deepest of deep deliriously delicious  Dino-high.  Likes below is the first Dino-image that we groovily glimpsed......a stunnin' still of our most beloved Dino as swingin' spyster Matt Helm makin' the scene on this round bed with the lovely Miss Corinne Cole playin' Miss January in our fav of fav Helmer numero duo, "Murders' Row."

Likes, of Dino-course, we loves all thin's Dino, and in particular all thin's Dino as Matt Helm, so this extremely extraordinarily  evocative and profusely profoundly provocative pose is full of Dino-bliss.
As the Dino-days ahead unflold look for ilovedinomartin to share move Dino-poses from the voluminous vaults of IMDb.  And, likes Dino'philes, here's  a little Dino-bonus---- enjoys this virile vid clip of this swingin' scene between our Dino and Miss January through the magic of youtube.

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin and Corinne Cole in Murderers' Row (1966)

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BlueisCoool said...

Has there been a better Dean Martin than this, it is a tough call with so many great movies but this one is a sure classic! A funny scene and just the start for this gem. A great post DMP.

Have a nice week.