Sunday, March 17, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "So Long Baby"

Welcome back, my friends of Dean & I!

 OK, now...follow 'long.
This is sung to the tune of "So Long Baby" by Dean Martin.


 OK. Here we go!

 "So long... Winter...Youse better go now...So long...Winter...We's hads 'nough now!"

 Hey pals...that was pretty damn good!

Man o man...we's is croonin'!

Youse thinks Ol' Man Winter gets the bloody hint?! Hahaha!!!

Yea, mi amici...I is hopin' so.

We here in good ol' New England has been catchin' some cold & snowy treatment these last few months!
Hey...don't gets me wrong...we's can take it, pallies!

 But...seein' how this IS the LAST Sunday Serenade with Dino of Winter 2018-19...I am ready to say "See ya'!", to snow & "Hi ya'!", to some sunny Springtime days!

Well, my friends...It was a GREAT GREAT season!

We had lots of laughs & plenty of fun fun wintery times!

From Christmassy Dino-jams & Happy New Years 4 holiday commercials featurin' Dean's vocal contributions! Ahhhhhh...what COOL times we've had, pals. Not to mention 28 LOVE soaked & totally Romantico days of Dino-Amore Month.

Yes, pals...I loved every Dino-minute! we leave these GREAT times behind...let us 'member the fun...'member the laughs...& 'member ALL the blessins' our ONE & ONLY Dino has shared!

 Now...that bein' said...let's get ready for Spring!

Only 3 days to go!

 OK...OK...let's get back to the Dino-croonin'!


 "So long...Winter...Youse better go now.
 So long...Winter...We's hads 'nough now!"

Bring on the Spring!

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BlueisCoool said...

Can you believe it is almost spring, where does the time go!? Lucky for all of us spring is fast approaching and old man winter will soon be a memory. And what better way to bring the new season in then Mr. Dean Martin! A wonderful song Danny G. as always! Hopefully warmer weather will coming your way and fast!

Have a great week!