Sunday, March 10, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Love You Tonight"

Well hey there, pallies!

What's shakin'?

 How's the your part of the world?

Thins' still a little cold & snowy here.
Not too too bad though, mi amici.
 There IS light at the end of the tunnel!

Supposed to start warmin' up...a little...this comin' week.
Tiny bit of Winter hittin' us right now, but...we got this pals!

 Don't forget...Spring is a state of mind!

 The 10 day countdown starts today!
Yes sir!

So, my Dino-lovin' friends...let's get some appropriate Dino-tunes flowin'!

 It's funny how thins' inspire the exact jam I choose each week.

 Just kinda hits me over the head!

Well, pals...this week was no different.

 It actually was inspired by a couple thins'.

 First is obviously Spring & LOVE itself...bein' in the air.
But what REALLY made this Serenade an obvious choice is a GREAT GREAT flick I watched this week.
 Twice actually.


 It's a story 'bout two people.
Completely in love!
Torn apart because of an awful lie.
 Never to reunite...but a TRUE love that never ended.

 So So sad, pallies.

DEF I NATE LY gotta watch...if youse already hasn't.

 Now, mi amici...don't get me wrong.

 I'm not into all the "sappy" love flicks out there.

 But...every now & then...a TRUE Love story does move me.
And inspires me.
Just like Dean's hits a nerve or makes me think.

 I'm not made of stone, pals!

Youse know what I'm getting at, my friends.
These bonds are special...& rare.

Anyways...checks out this movie.

 Now, in the mean time...with Dino-tunes...Spring...& TRUE love, in mind...checks out "Let Me Love You Tonight".

 It's SURE to move well.


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