Sunday, November 27, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Canadian Sunset"

Welcome back, mi amici!

How's everyone feelin'?
Better than me...I hope!
Yup...I'm sick. Yuck!
Youse see what happened is this, my friends.
My boy...wee pallie Nicky G...came home with a cold last week.
And no matter how I tried to dodge & weave 'round those germs...they finally gots me!
So, I sit...just typin' & snifflin'...haha!

I'm alright!
I'll live!
No measley little cold is gonna keep ANY Dino-holic down & out for long! Ha!

All's I really need is a little pick me up, pals!

Somethin' with that Dino-vibe to it!
No no...I ain't referrin' to some Scotch on the rocks!
Well... nah...well...later maybe. Haha!! I was sayin'...I need a pick me up!
Some chicken soup for my soul!

Noooo problemo there, pallies!
 I have a whole treasure chest of Dino-gold!

Gonna pick us somethin' REALLY warm & cozy, pals!
Somethin' to start the COOL COOL transitionin' from givin' Dino-thanks into the upcomin' Dino-Winter month 2016!

Thinks a nice, big bowl of "Canadian Sunset" should fix me up just fine.

Ahhhhhh. Yup!
That's the stuff, pallies!
Just like Mama G's home cookin'! Haha!!

Hey, pals! I'm feelin' better already! Ha!

OK, ol' friends o mine...grab yourselves a bowl...& let's build up that Dino-immunity!

A long, cold Winter is headin' our way!
Let's get ready!

Now...where was that Scotch?! Haha!

Once I was alone
So lonely and then
You came out of nowhere
Like the sun up from the hill

Cold cold as the wind
Warm warm were your lips
Out there on the ski trail
Where your kiss filled me with thrill

Weekend in Canada a change of scene
Was the most I bargained for
And then I discovered you and in your eyes
I've found a love that I couldn't ignore

Down down came the sun
Fast fast beat my heart
I knew as the sun set from that day
We'd never part

Down down down down came the sun
Fast fast fast fast beat my heart
I knew as the sun set from that day
We'd never part
Down down down down came-a the sun
Fast fast fast fast beat-a my heart
I knew as the sun set from that day
We'd never part
We'd never part
We'd never part


Unknown said...

Get better soon, pallie. I had the same two times last month. Thanks for the great tune!
George the Greek

Always On Watch said...

Such a smooth Dino tune!

Ready for some vintage brandy...

Unknown said...

Awesome wintery-wonderful Dino tune Danny! Only our Dino can make make a cold winter day so toasty warm!

Always On Watch said...


Danny G. said...

Thanks for the "get well wishin'", George my pal! Glad youse all dug the Dino-jam! Ciao 'til nest week, mi amici!

Unknown said...

Hope you're feelin' better my pally Danny G! These kids, I tell ya, they are germ incubators!!