Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dean Martin And Budd

Hey pallies, likes yester-Dino-day we shared a great clip of our great man makin' funny with the great comedian Mr. Buddy Hackett.  Likes we knew somewhere we had saved a fun fun picture from the Dino-show of our most beloved Dino and Mr. Hackett with Buddy dressed up Native American style.

Well as we were searchin' through our ton of Dino-drafts, we happened up it and through how cool it woulda be to shares it with all youse Dino-philes as a fun fun follow-up to yesterday's Dino-post.  The pix was found at a blog pad tagged "vintography" 'bout two years ago, but when we clicked on the tag of the post we found it no longer exists.  Likes that's what sometimes happens when youse gots so so much stupendous stuff of our Dino to share and likes youse can't keeps up with it.

So, as the sayin' goes, better late then never we share this swingin' shot of our our main man makin' some funny with Mr. Buddy Hackett.  It's from 1972 and we simply loves the evocative expression on our Dino as he takes a glace at Buddy in Headdress and all.  We thanks the pallies at the pad "vintography" for sharin' this veritable vintage moment from the Dean Martin Variety Show.
Dino-funnin', DMP

Dean Martin And Budd

Dean Martin And Buddy Hackett The Dean Martin Show (1972)

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