Sunday, May 12, 2013

Danny G's Mother's Day Serenade with Dino: "Any Man Who Loves His Mother"

Welcome back Ol' pals o' mine! Let me begin with a great big, "Happy Mama's Day!", to ALL the lovely mamsellies out there! This is truly YOUR day & I'm hopin' that wherever youse are & whatever youse do..youse keep our great great mother's son, Dino, in mind!
Now we ALL know that Dean truly truly loved his Mama Crocetti & I simply cannot thinks of a better example of deep, true & pure love one could show for their mom, than this cool cool & funny clip from Dean & the boys' " Robin & the Seven Hoods"!
Today's Serenade, "Any Man Who Loves His Mother" is dedicated to each & every chickalina out there who's been a Mom, in ANY way, to SOMEONE or SOMETHIN' special in their lives...YES...pets count too! Hahaha! Enjoy!

  • Any man who loves his mother
  • Is man enough for me
  • Brightening her eyes, sending her flowers
  • Though it's no anniversary
  • Many men want fame and fortune
  • It's gold they love to see
  • But I say a man who loves his mother
  • Is man enough for me
  • Many men loves dogs and kittens and pet them constantly
  • Show me a man who loves his mother
  • As much as she wants to be
  • And I'll show you a man who's a lot like me


    dino martin peters said...

    Hey pallie, likes Danny-o what a likes totally totally appro Dino-croon on behalf of all mothers who loves our great man. Keeps the serenadin' goin', and of course, likes by all means, keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

    Danny G. said...

    Always pallie, always!