Friday, March 08, 2013

Dean introduces their "6 Million Dollar Man"...Phyllis Diller

Hey pallies, likes  back 'gain today with 'nother of our Deanager Tyler Michael's series of fav moments from the Dino-roast of Mr. Bob Hope.  His numero dix likes puts the accent on the lovely of lovelies, none other then Miss Phyllis Diller.  Our most beloved Dino always always has such fun with Phyllis, in this case introducin' her as their "6 Million Dollar Man."

Likes dudes it is so so cool to see the passion of 'nother of today's youth, 19 year old, Ty Michael, in so so creatively puttin' together not one...but 2----count 'em----2 series of Dino-devotion.  Stay tuned for the rest of Ty's Dino-efforts.  To view this at Ty's self-tagged blog, "HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND TV REVIEWS BY TYLER MICHAEL," simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

Thanks ever so much Deanager Ty for sharin' so so much Dino-passion with your devoted readership!  Dino-awed, DMP


Dean introduces their "6 Million Dollar Man" and my 11th Favorite guest on the Roast...


Phyllis thanks Dean for the introduction but will attack him first if General Bradly(One of the guests) asks him...her to attack. She's happy to be on the roast cause it was Bob Hope who made it possible to get Phyllis a face lift and she owes it to him and sold Phyllis's old nose to Karl Malden. Here's his picture of him wearing Phyllis's old nose.

He...she, tells everyone it was Bob who made her big when she was testing flee collars. She talks about the film they were in together and he tells everyone what a great kisser Bob is. She hasn't seen movement with lips since she gave her dog "A sticky tootsie roll". She ends it by saying the film was good but the premier stunk and he made him...her what she was that day..."Depressed!". Phyllis Diller is always a hoot with her voice, laugh and humor and boy did she expose the kind of lover Bob Hope was.

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