Sunday, April 15, 2012

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade With Dino: "I Know I Can't Forget You"

Welcome back pallies! Found us a bea u ti ful little tune for this weeks Serenade! It's from a 1958 compilation al b um called "This Is Dean Martin". Great name for an al b the way! The song is "I Can't Forget You".

Now I knows for sure that none of us Dino-holics would ever or could ever forget bout' our guy, but thought that perhaps, just maybe, youse pallies might have someone else in mind as youse listen to this very romantico number. I know I do pals. (Don't tell Mrs. G ;)

Wonder if she's readin' this little bit of Dino-patter right now??? Probably not. O well pals...let's imagine that somewhere...somehow...that very special person IS readin' this Dino-patter & happily listenin' to this great great tune & maybe even thinkin' bout you! Enjoy pallies! P.S. What a video!

I Know I Can't Forget lyrics
There were other loves before I found you
And I wish sometimes that we had never met
For life without you darling can never be the same
For having loved you once I can't forget (Forget)

I remember all your smiles and laughter (And laughter)
I remember love light shining in your eyes
And though I only had you for just a little while
When you were there the whole world seemed so right

(All) I remember these things through bitter tears
(All) The touch of your hand in mine
(All) And though you're not here through the lonely years
( From: )
With memories of you I'll never be the alone

There'll maybe other arms to soothe my sadness
There will be other loves that I have never met
But life without you darling can never be the same
For having loved you once I can't forget you

(For life without you darling can never be the same)
For having loved you once
(For having loved you once)
I can't
(I can't)
(I know I can't I can't forget)


Always On Watch said...

Is that film sequence from one of our Dino's Matt Helm movies?

Always On Watch said...

Just found this:

Dean was so distraught over the murder of his The Wrecking Crew (1969) co-star and friend Sharon Tate that he abandoned the next already-announced "Matt Helm" motion picture series installment (to be titled "The Ravagers"), and never played the character again.

I may have heard that before long ago, but not recently.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallies, likes Miss AOW, I do indeed remember hearin' that Dino-rememberin'...our Dino was the kindest of the kind. Keeps lovin' our Dino!