Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Blue Moon"

Hey pallies, likes Sunday has come 'round 'gain here at ilovedinomartin, and faithful Dino-readers knows likes it's time for our weekly Dino-dose of Dino-magic tagged "Sunday Serenade with Dino."

Today's featured Dino-tune has been selected by our down under Deanager extraordinaire Levi Hollingsworth. Master Levi, who has previously written two very inspirin' and enlightin' bits of Dino-prose for the serenade has chosen this time to puts the Dino-accent on that crowd-pleasin' Dino-tune "Blue Moon," featurin' a laugh-a-minute clip of our Dino from the Dino-show that is featured on the outstandin' Dino-dvd, "That's Amore." Accordin' to the pallies at youtube this Dino-clip has garnered 1,185,420 views to date!!!!!!

Our Levi may be young in age, but he is so so deep in his Dino-devotion. As you read his clever and cool take on our Dino's laid-back rendition on the romantico salute to the moon blue, you will definitely see our pallie Levi's Dino-delight shinin' clearly through. We will never ever have to worry 'bout whether or not the Dino-legacy will continue forever with dudes likes Levi 'round 'cause you can be sure that Master Levi will do his part to keeps the name of our Dino lifted up to each and every new generation...and, likes of course, in the coolest Dino-way possible.

ilovedinomartin salutes our Deanager Levi as he salutes our beloved Dino in his Sunday Serenade edition of "Blue Moon." And, pallies, I am sure that our Levi will likes totatlly dig gettin' some Dino-reponses to his Dino-homework!!!! So keeps those cards and letters....that Dino-patter comin' this here ilovedinomartin Dino-way! With true and pure Dino-appreciato, DMP

My sunday serenade for this week is a nice song called Blue Moon.
When i watch Dinos shows i like seeing Dino make mistakes and turn the mistakes into somethin funny.

I also like when Dino sits on the piano and sings songs and changes the lyrics.
I think like, that is one of the funniest parts of the shows like he sings All i want is a room somewhere, your room or my room, i dont care.

Dino sits on the couch and starts singing Blue Moon, he sings it nice and relaxed.
Just like on the cd.

Then Dino sings I heard you whipser please adore me and the song turns funny.
Dino says theres an s before the p,
This is spose to be serious !

It was really funny and then Dino starts to sing the song serious again.
I liked when Dino forgot the lines or maybe that guy with the cue card liked playing jokes on Dino.

Dino didnt like to rehearse, if i was him i wouldnt want to rehearse either.
That made the show more and more funny
Thanx from Levi


Danny G. said...

Cool job Levi! Thanks!

Danny G.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Danny dude likes thanks so much for showin' some true Dinopalliedom to our Deanager Levi...sure that he'll appreciate it man!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful.
And Levi with you gone, it is a blue moon.
Miss you so very much
Kylie xxxoooxxx

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Miss Ky, Levi gone? What's up? Dino-concerned, DMP

Levi said...

Hi Dino Dude,
This is Levi, i missed my sunday serenade but Ky saved it, its real cool.
Thanx Danny and Ky
Im staying at Kys house for the weekend, b4 that i have been bored and lonely with strangers.
Ky has a friend who might be able to give me a place to live, it would be so cool and i could be back again, its in mount martha, but theres a bus so if i can live there i can still come to Kys on weekends.
Thanks Dino Dude, Ky told me you have been sending me good wishes.
I miss everyone and using a computor
Bye Dude
from Levi

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Levi man, so great to hear from our Deanager...have been missin' you dude...hopes we can be in better Dino-communicato...keeps lovin' our Dino....