Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey pallies, in honor of Dinothanksday comin' really Dinosoon, have made the Dinodecision to post some Dinopatter between myself and my pallie Keith that we did over at our humble little Dinopad also tagged ilovedinomartin. We tagged this GIVING DINO THANKS and you will Dinonote that we shared our Dinopassion back and forth as we worked through Dinodesciptive Dinowords for each of the Dinoletters. Hopes all you pallies will enjoy sharin' in our Dinothanksday Dinotrib as much as Keith and I enjoyed speakin; of our ever increasin' Dinodevotion. btw, if you wanna checks out the ilovedinomartin Dinodialogue Dinopad over at yahoo, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost. Also, still can get the hang of settin' links, so will just Dinoadd that you can find pallie Keith's Dinoblog of Dinodevotion at Dinothankfully, DMP


GENEROUS.... ..our Dino was very generous with charitiesINTOXICATING. .. ...our Dino was intoxicating to both women (who wanted to bed him) & men (who wanted to be him)
VALUABLE.... ..our Dino, even almost 12 years after his departure is hotter then ever and sales of Dinorecords, DinoDVDs, Dinoetc. continue to skyrocket makin' our Dino one hot and valuable property! All all true Dinoholics value Dino more then anythin' else in the entire world.INGENIOUS... ...our Dino's ingenious in that he would be original, resourceful, and clever in all that he did. He was ahead of the curve. He didn't wait for the ball to drop. He said his goodbyes and would move on to something new and refreshing. He did this his entire career. He departed from the Jer and became a bigger star. He saw what others couldn't see.
NATURAL..... ...our Dino is such a natural at everythin' he does.....singin' , jokin', actin'...lovin' the broads, drinkin' the booze, and smokin' the butts. The reason why our Dino is so great is 'cause every cool thin' 'bout him is so NATURAL..... he doesn't need to put on airs or work at bein' cool.....Dino is just NATURALLY COOL at every Dinothin'!!! ! GIFTED... ..Our Dino's gifted. He's gifted with talent (look at what he did on the nightclub stage, on records, in the movies, and on the tube), good looks (Dino was blessed with the dark handsome Italian looks), wit and charm (Dino could put anyone at ease, he knew how to crack a joke to make everybody feel comfortable and happy, he knew how to flirt with the chicks), style (Dino knew how to dress, whether it was a tux, a suit, or more casual wear....what fashion sense), and so much more.
DREAMY....Our Dino so dreamy....his amazin' life is so dreamy...... from humble beginnin's in Steubenville, Ohio to the fame and fortune of 'Vegas and Hollywood. Our Dino's rise to the stature of King of Cool is just like some fairy tale dream. And all true Dinoholics dream of sharin' in that Dinodream... becomin' more and more like our Mr. Wonderful. Women swoon and dream of makin' it with our Dino, men dream of bein' more and more like our great man. Dino is DREAMY and all his pallies dream of bein' with, dream of bein' more like our King of Cool!INCREDIBLE.. . ..The Dean Martin TV Show is incredible. Look at how NBC went after our Dino. He came up with what he thought were outrageous demands. NBC gave in to those and more. For years, the King of Cool rules over the tube with his incredible show. His incredible wit, charm, style, attitude, talent, etc. was on display week in and week out.
NONENDING... ...our Dino gives all his pallies nonending Dinopleasure. ....the talents of our Dino are nonending, so there is no end to the ways that our Dino brings his Dinopleasure into our Dinodevoted Dinolives... .and our love, admiration and devotion to our Dino is also nonending.OPTIMISTIC.. . ...our Dino's always optimistic. People counted our Dino out when he split up with the Jer. They thought he would fade away, becoming another has-been. Dino knew differently. He was optimistic, believing in himself and his abilities. Another example would be that nobody thought a middle aged crooner could knock the biggest band in the world out of #1. Dino was optimistic, going on to knock the Beatles outta #1.
TOUGH AND TENDER...... ..our Dino is such a tough and tender kind of guy. Remember this line spoken by a chick in one of those Dinosex Dinofarces.. ..speaking of our Dino..."So masculine, but so sensitive." In so many of his flicks our Dino shows both his tough and tender side....for example in the Matt Helm flicks our Dino models total toughness while takin' on the villians, but when he is wooin' the chicks he is like so tender. That's out true Dino, a tough and tender kind of guy!HORNY... ...We know that our Dino could be quite horny. Dino's one randy fella. Look at how he was always chasin' skirts. Girls were always falling all over him. Dino could flirt with the best of them. He always seemed to be on fire for some hot babe. He wanted himself a piece of action. Nothing wrong with that at all. He loved sex and knew how to get it.
ATHLETIC.... .our Dino is quite the athlete..... .boxin' in his youth and playin' a round of golf all most every day of Dinolife once he because rich and famous....think also that our Dino musta swam and played him so tennis as well. Dino loves his golf....his true passion in life!!!!NEAT... ...our Dino's a neat singer and a neat dresser. He has style and attitude. He's neat, he's cool, like no other.
KINETIC... ...our Dino has kinetic energy. Dino fed off the energy off his audiences and they fed off of his energy in return. Dino has sparks that fly all over the place. He's full of cool, hip, and randy energy. We see that from how he interacted with the fans. Also how he worked well off of others, whether it was in movies, music, etc.
SAVVY....... our Dino is so savvy in all his entertainment enterprises. .....we know that he knew when to join forces with the jer, and when to break it off. We know how he knew how important it was to make "The Young Lions"....willing to settle for a way small salary to do the part. And in our most recent meaty thread we know how Dino partnered with frankie in Reprise records, and how he formed Claude Productions so he could have total control of his creative activies. And, our Dino savvy was not just business focused....he was the dude of total savvy when it came to singin' a knock the Mop Tops off the charts, to develop a huge Thursday night followin' for his TV show, for how to win over the 'Vegas crowds....our Dino is the savviest of the savvy!!!!!!


Keith said...

Hey pallie DMP. Thanks for posting this. It's cool to read it all again. It reminds me of how Dino isn't just some one note. He has so many characteristics and attributes that make him such a worthy person to emulate. There are so many layers to our Dino. I am definitely thankful to Dino for so many things. He's really been teaching me a lot. I haven't always put those lessons in practice, but I'm doing my best. Cheers!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, thanks for speakin' some Dinotruths, we haven't always but our Dino's teachin' into Dinopractice, but we does keep tryin' and on this comin' Dinothanksday, we celebrate the life and times of our Dino and lets him know how truly thanksful we are for every little Dinothin'...