Sunday, November 15, 2015

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: " A Place In The Shade "

How's it goin' pallies?!
Good, I'm hopin'!
 Well...'nother week has come & gone, & man o man...I just can't seems to get ahold of even one single day! Haha!!
 Ever feel like that, pals?
 Likes no matter WHAT youse do...youse just CANTS keep up! Bills! Work! THE LEAVES!!! Hahaha!!!
Yea...I'm guessin' we ALL gets a wee bit overwhelmed from time to time.
Maybe some more than others...but I thinks we can all relate.
But...FEAR NOT, my faithful disciples of Dino!!! For Dean has sent us a PER FEC TO tune to help!

He's givin' us a plan!
Some guidance from above, my pals!

 Sometimes I'm just led to these "uncommon" Dino-jams that just seem to fit my mood!
Now...what's "uncommon" to me, might be a fave to 'nother pallie. I just haven't dug on it in the past.

This is a GREAT GREAT thin' for me, pals! It's like findin' a buried treasure! Yes!
 So, for this week's Serenade...Dean MUST have felt me feelin' just a little wound up.
He floated me over to his COOL COOL 1967 al b um, "Welcome To My World".
So So nice to be part of Dean's world...I might add!

"A Place In The Shade" was my "savin' grace" this week, mi amici!
Got me thinkin' positive thoughts & gave a little peace of mind to my CRAZY CRAZY mind, Hahaha!!!
ALWAYS have a friend in Dino, pallies!

OK. Let's dig on this one together!
Turn it up & soak it in!

Now some folks play the whole day long
They think they got it made
But they won't get a thrill the way that I will
When I find me a place in the shade
A poor man word is never learned still I wouldn't trade
All the world and its gold all the treasures untold
I want a little place in the shade
Too late to bed and early to rise
Makes a man weary and cuts him down the size
They come and they go and their worlds fall apart
But I'm gonna cling to the dream in my heart
Cause someday I know the days gonna come
When all my debts are paid
When my work is all done I'll smile at the sun
And find me a place in the shade
When the work is all done I'll smile at the sun
And find me a place in the shade


DeansPalley said...

No to be a smart @$$ but...... I believe the line in the song is:
"A poor man's work is never done"

Just sayin'........

Always On Watch said...

Perfect antidote for this week's terrible news (Paris).

Dino makes life better.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o what a remarkably rich 'n rewardin' teachin' of our Dino that you shared with all us Dino-philes. We woulda does mucho mucho better if we heeded our most beloved Dino's wisest of wise words. Thanks for sharin' this tremendous teachin' of our one and only Dino! Keeps lovin', keeps sharin' our Dino!

blueiscoool said...

You hit on the perfect them for the week Danny G., it's so hard to keep up with things, they never ever stop. A wonderful Dean Martin pick as always to jump start another week. Thank you my friend for your tireless hard work!

Have a great week.


Danny G. said...

It's hard to understand this crazy world sometimes. We need ALL the Dino we can get! Glad youse dug, mi amici!