Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Foolin' 'Round With Our Most Beloved Dino On April Fool's Day!

Hey pallies, likes Happy April Fools Day dudes!  Likes we gotta 'fess up that likes in all the time we have been sharin' Dino-devotion here at ilovedinomartin we likes we have never ever before put of a Dino-gram accentin' this special day.....coulda be 'cause our Dino ain't never been a fool for nobody.

But likes, we knows that we were inspired by our Dino yesterday with the notion of searchin' youtube for a vid of our our most beloved Dino croonin' a tune with the term "fool" in it.  Likes we found more then one vid, but likes when we watched the one below, likes we knew for Dino-sure that this one was IT for sharin' on this first day of April.

The croon is one that we don't remember seein' and hearin' our Dino sing before, "Nobody But A Fool Would Love You."  It's the perfect for April Fools Day 'cause our King of Cool has so so much fun foolin' 'round as he sings.....just watch how our great man uses all of his body makin' funny 'specially beginnin' at 'bout 1:00.  Likes nobody has more fun then our swingin' Dino as he makes each and every song his own!

We loves how Dino concludes this tune with sayin' "If Rembrandt were alive today, he'd want to paint this kid's voice"  Likes how great is that pallies!?!?!?!  Indeed nobody but a fool WOULD NOT love our most beloved Dino!  So enjoys foolin' 'round with our Dino this April Fool's Day!  In Dino, DMP

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