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“As you are so damn insistent,” the letter said, “I have great pleasure in giving you my permission to start an organisation for me.”

Hey pallies, likes today we have the profound  privilege of sharin' 'nother page from THE DEAN MARTIN ASSOCIATION founded 55 years ago by Brit Mr. Bernard Thorpe with the blessings of our most beloved Dino.  Faithful  subscribers of ilovedinomartin will remember that this past Monday we shared how we were first introduced to the DMA through an incredibly insightful blog post scribed by Mr. Thorpe's boypallie Elliot, "Dean Martin and the Meaning of Cool," perfectly prepared  for Miss  Emmy Z. Madrigal's blog, "Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series."

Likes we were so totally totally thrilled to learn so so many delightful Dino-details from the younger Thorpe that we simply had to do a bit of searchin' to find out more 'bout the DMA and it's founder Mr. Bernard Thorpe.  Yesterday we shared the cool contents of DMA's welcomin' page and today we share with you the page tagged "Dean and Bernard."  Likes here Bernard shares the briefest of brief bio on our Dino and we gotta 'fess up that 'though the words are few, they are ladened with awesome affection for our Dino and include some info likes that we ain't ever remember readin' before, includin' the "premature" birth of our King of Cool.

We also gets a glimpse at the man who has faithfully served our Dino for 55 years...Mr. Bernard Thorpe."  We loves seein' Mr. Thorpe standin' in front of a bookcase that includes many many tomes scribed on our main man makin' us wonder which Dino-volume is his fav Dino-read.  And, we hear how the DMA was formed.  We love how Mr. Thorpe powerfully and proudly shares how our Dino gave him permission to begin what would become the only officially sanctioned Dino-organization.
Can't you just hear our Dino scribin' back to Bernard who was ever persistent in his efforts to serve our Dino.....“As you are so damn insistent,” the letter said, “I have great pleasure in giving you my permission to start an organisation for me.”  That's the Dino that all of us love and honor!

Likes pallies, takes the time to read the information for yourself and you certainly will gain even more respect for our most beloved Dino and this man who has loved servin' our Dino for the past 55 years!  Tomorrow, we return with 'nother page from the Dean Martin Assocation accentin' it rich and remarkable history.

ilovedinomartin is thrilled to share Mr. Bernard Thorpe's  deepest of deep desire to spread Dino-devotion as far and wide as possible ever bringin' new devotees to our Dino...and likes 'gain we solemnly salute Thorpe for his constant commitment to our most most beloved Dino!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-post.  Always, Dino, Always, DMP


He was born, prematurely on 7th June 1917, as Dino Paul Crocetti, at 319 South 6th Street, Steubenville, Ohio, the family home. His mother was American, Angelina, and his father, Gaetano (aka Guy), Italian.

Part of a large family, young Dino could only speak Italian until he started school and said, later in life, that his “…English was never that good, either.”

Guy was a successful barber and Angelina had a small sewing business, so they were never too short of money. Dino joined the local scout troop when he was twelve but, being somewhat against the idea of learning in general, he never took to school much, often preferring to be out playing with his friends. As he grew up through his teenage years, he developed a preference for singing, something which his friends never appreciated, often saying that he had an appalling voice. But his own perseverance saw him become professional at aged 26.

He did the rounds in various clubs and gained experience in not only living out of a suitcase but earning below that which he was used to. These were lean years for the young Dino Martini, as he called himself then.

It was at one such club that he found himself billed with a mime artiste called Jerry Lewis. This gangly Jewish comedian was struggling on the circuits as much as Dino and one fortuitous day, Jerry suggested to Dino that they pool their talents and become a double act: Martin and Lewis.

Following the partnership’s break-up after 10 years, Jerry moved more into production and direction while Dean continued his solo music career and found movie and television stardom. His subsequent friendships with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr became life-long - and legendary, to boot.

Dean was at the top of his game, remaining a highly successful personality throughout the 1960s, 1970s and the 1980s. Even after his death on Christmas Day 1995, he continues to be one of the world’s most popular entertainers, with his material found across many forms of media.


He was born at his parents’ home in Croydon, England in the late 1930s. His mother, Florinda, was Italian while his father, Henry Cyril, was English. An only child, Bernard grew up with his mother and her many sisters and while his father served in the military, stationed in Italy during the Second World War.

Like Dean, Bernard was never a great fan of school and often preferred playing with his friends. It was during his teenage years that Bernard fell upon recordings of Dean and soon became a great follower of the American singer’s career. Following a stint in the army and various jobs, Bernard decided to create a fan club for Dean, having found one that had closed down in the mid-50s. He wrote to Dean, care of both Paramount and 20th Century Fox, and persisted for several months to obtain the man’s permission.

Bernard’s father had often wondered why Bernard was so persistent, saying to him, “Why bother with someone like him? They don’t want to know people like us.” But Dean personally replied one day. “As you are so damn insistent,” the letter said, “I have great pleasure in giving you my permission to start an organisation for me.”

Overwhelmed, Bernard immediately set in motion the creation of the fan club, finding that Dean was ever more supportive and ‘hands on’ as time went on. Dean and Bernard began a long working relationship on the club that eventually became a friendship, too. Dean was the driving force behind the formation of what eventually became The Dean Martin Association. He maintained close contact over the years.

The DMA’s reputation grew and, as the club developed, it started solid working relationships with Dean’s record and film companies, assisting in the promotion of his career and supporting him continuously.

Bernard has great memories of his life and experiences with Dino and, over the years, has been very privileged to meet with, and in some cases, becoming friends with, many of Dean’s peers and contemporaries. Equally, Dean was often vocal to Bernard in appreciating the hard work that Bernard put into the club and promoting his career.

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