Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Over his long and varied career, Dean Martin, "The King of Cool", was a heart throb, crooner, film star and leading member of the rat pack.

Hey pallies, likes it's not too often that pallies contact us 'bout the Dino-devotion that they are sharin'. Usually we have to do the seekin' and searchin' to brings it your way.  Well, likes when we opened our email account this mornin' we found that a dude who goes by "Joshualine" shared some patter with us via yesterday's Dino-gram.

Joshualine scribed the followin'....."Hey not the best spot to put this but I'm doing a one hour Dino special on radio tomorrow 7pm Melbourne time. On  So, likes we headed over to the Aussie web pad of RRR 102.7 FM to find out all the details on this dude's Dino-special, which we shares below.

Joshualine is actually Mr. Joshua Meggitt and his is headlinin' a programme tagged Max Headroom on April 23.  Likes we ain't got a clue how many hours difference there is between times zones here in America and at Melbourne, so we likes don't know what times to tells you to listen in.  

So, likes if any of youse pallies can do the math to find out what time this programme will air eastern, central, or mountain time, let's us know.  We sez our thanks to Mr. Joshua Meggitt for lettin' us know of his efforts.  To checks out Radio RRR, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

Max Headroom

23rd Apr 15
Over his long and varied career, Dean Martin, "The King of Cool", was a heart throb, crooner, film star and leading member of the rat pack.
 He was also known as "The Laziest Man In Showbiz", churning out countless albums of stale standards and hosting formulaic, TV specials for over 40 years.
On Max Headroom this week, Joshua Meggitt explores this lacklustre Dino, playing choice filler from his later albums, with excerpts from such cinematic highlights asThe Cannonball Run 2

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