Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis #11-20

Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin is back with day 2 of our four day presentation of all the comic book covers for "The Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis."  It is truly truly very very cool of the pallies over at the "Comic Vine" to have created a page where all forty published volumes can be viewed at one time and with the pub date of each and every edition.

Just viewin' each cover tells you the varied "adventures" that our Dino and his pallie Jerry took in comic bookland .  The dudes at DC Comics certainly knew how to capitalize on the awesome devotion that folks from all  'round the globe had for Martin and Lewis.

So, likes enjoys this set of the next ten comic covers, and ilovedinomartin will return tomorrow with volumes 21-30.  Salute! to the "Comic Vine" pallies for makin' this great bit of Dino-history available to our Dino-delight.  To checks it out at the original source, 'gain likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.
Dino-edifyin', DMP

The Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis ("and" on the cover, "&" in the indicia") was a humor comic published by DC from 1952-1957, spanning forty issues, featuring the real-life comedy duo of Martin and Lewis. Martin being the "straight man" and Lewis the "comedic foil", following the group's actual break-up, the series dropped Dean Martin and continued the comedic escapades of Jerry Lewis as The Adventures of Jerry Lewis which ran for another eighty-four more issues.

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