Friday, March 22, 2013

He's happy that NBC renewed Dean's liquor license for another year

Hey pallies, likes our journeys with our Dino-devoted Deanager pallie Tyler Michael are almost at a close.  Below is his second-to-last Dino-roast post at his great self-tagged blog, ""HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND TV REVIEWS BY TYLER MICHAEL."  This time 'round Ty shares his delight in Mr. Bob Hope gettin' his turn at answerin' all the pallies who have been roastin' him.

ilovedinomartin has been thrilled to share the many many Dino-efforts by our pallie Ty and applaud his efforts to share his passion for our Dino with his readership in the hugest of huge Dino-ways.  Still one more Dino-message from Ty will be comin'.  To checks out Deanager Ty Michael's work, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.   Dino-ever and ever, DMP


Bob's Hope's wife Dolores Hope introduces not a guest who's my 2nd favorite but the man of the hour himself...


Now it's Bob's turn to insult the people who insulted him and does he succeed, would it not be on my list if he didn't succeed. He says it's nice to see his Dolores and he hasn't been traveling lately and as result got to know the family personally. He's happy that NBC renewed Dean's liquor license for another year and makes fun of Dean reading queue cards on his show by saying he erases it when he breaths on it if he didn't like the joke. He asks Flip Wilson if it was all of him cause he's never seen him without High heels before and he said his series got canceled because Flip is no Sonny Bono. He thanks Governor Regain for his "kind words" but tells him he has no presidential aspirations and had 43 states tell him he's not running for anything. He insults Milton Berle by telling him he's the first comic to be impeached. He insults Johnny Bates by saying "he wears more padding than Phyllis Diller" and he says he doesn't care about Baseball and prefers looking at the chicks while smiling after smoking grass every afternoon. He says Phyllis Diller was the inspiration for "Psycho" and he's amazed by her recent operation but he can still tell that "the stitches on the right are still holding". He says John Wayne's going to do great in the sequel to "True Grit" because he's wearing the eye patch over his mouth. He insults Sugar Ray Robinson by teaching kids to bet on all sports he's involved in. He tells everyone that not only Ginger Roger stole the show in Alaska with him but also stole the electric blankets. As for Billy Graham he just thanks him and says he's the star of Radio, TV and Heaven. He says Jimmy Stewart's "a man of few words and even fewer laughs and tells everybody what a boring time he spent with him recently. He says it's nice to see Zsa Zsa Gabor free but takes it back and says Divorced and claims she's never been free. He tells a funny story about General Bradly in 1944. He tells Nipsey Russel if he keeps it up he'll be pumping gas for Chico and the man. As for Don Rickles he says some interesting news about him and insults him being on commercials. Bob Hope got even with everyone and some of his insults are really great.

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