Friday, March 15, 2013

Dean introduces

Hey pallies, likes once 'gain we return to our Dino-hearted pallie Tyler Michael to continue his count down of fav moments from the Dino-roast of Mr. Bob Hope.  Today we get a peek at Deanager Ty's 7th fav moment with the likes of Ronald Reagan  takin' his shots at Hope.

Likes we are half way through Ty's terrific list of fav moments with half to go at his very interestin' flick blog, "HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND TV REVIEWS BY TYLER MICHAEL."  To checks this post out directly at Ty's pad, simply clicks on this Dino-report.  Dino-ever, DMP

 Sunday, March 3, 2013


Dean introduces My 7th favorite guest on the roast, who's the Governor of California at the time, an ex actor and future President...


Ronald Regan is "surprised" to be honoring Bob Hope and by "surprised" he means "Annoyed". Already a good insulting start. Ronald Regan is not there for Hope, he just happen to be in town for a guest shot on "Hollywood Squares" which is more important then honoring Hope. On a nice note, he thinks Bob would be good in Politics due to him being so popular with being seen by millions of Troops and TV viewers but criticizes his movie career, which is coming out of the mouth of a man who probably did worse films then Bob did, which he's aware of. Again on another good note, he says Bob "is a man of remarkable accomplishments. He's been America's most favorite comedian at a time when America was in her most wildered state of mind". Again, how nice of him to say that but "He's entertained for Six Presidents, He's performed for 12". He ends it by saying "The state legislature has unanimously passed a bill naming you California far most citizen". Again, what a generous thing to do and the look on Bob's face is priceless...until Ronald tells him that he "Vetoed it". Ronald goes from being nice to down right harsh. Like him as President, Actor or not, he still is a funny man.

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