Monday, March 18, 2013

Dean introduces my 5th favorite guest who's known around the world as Geraldine

Hey pallies, likes movin' right 'long today we makes 'nother stop at our extemely Dino-devoted pallie Tyler Michael's big and small screen blog, "HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND TV REVIEWS BY TYLER MICHAEL " as we proceed with the count down of his 12 fav moments for the Dino-roast of Mr. Bob Hope.   As you will may remember Ty is a true Deanager.....showin' such promise as a life-long Dino-devotee at the tender age of 19, and ilovedinomartin is thrilled to play our part in helpin' encouragin' his sharin' of the that Dino-cool at his active blog.

Ty dude, thanks for puttin' such a huge accent on our main man and helpin' your readership to groove on the man known as Dino.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.  Dino-supportively, DMP


Dean introduces my 5th favorite guest who's known around the world as Geraldine and has worked many years to achieve stardom. He mentions a time when he wore a wig and dress and wasn't recognized by anyone except for "a couple of psychiatrists and a hand full of Vice Squad Officers". Here she is, my 5th Favorite guest on the roast...


Flip Wilson did a little research on how Bob treated the black community and has learned that Bob has stiffed them. He tried to find out if he gave "a little bread for the brothers" but no, he finds out that Bob washes his own car. What and he and Bob have in common is they both love to play Golf. He doesn't have to tell Bob what his handicapped is because Bob told him what it is when he tried to join his club. He envied Bob for having his own Golf Tournament called "The Bob Hope Dessert Classic". Flip decided to have one of his own called "The Flip Wilson Ghetto Open". Since Bob's tournament is playing for the "Eisenhower Hospital", his will be played for the "Richy Pryor Clinic For Rat Bites And Bullet Wounds". He claims the winner of the tournament will receive a check for 36,000 dollars "or if he prefers a hundred dollars in actual cash". If there's a tie it will be settled by sudden death that way they won't have to play an extra Hole. The person will also win a car as a prize if the winner makes a hole in one, the model will be determined sometime late at night. He then ends with talking about the group of celebrities that will be playing on each team. Flip Wilson not only does a funny monologue and insult to Bob but just watch him throughout the Roast as he moves around, joins in on the jokes,gets into arguments and even gets offended at one point.


Andy Lim* said...

Ah Flip Wilson. Great guy. We used to have him on TV yesteryear.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks ever so much Andy-o for doin' some patterin' 'specially on our Deanager Ty Michael's Dino-devotion....thanks for supportin' this youthful Dino-holic in his passion for our most beloved Dino!
Keeps spreadin' the Dino-word o'pallie of mine!