Thursday, March 21, 2013

Also On This Date In Dino-history: March 21, 1964

Hey pallies, likes wants to share a much happier moment in our most beloved Dino's life, that also happened to occur on the March 21st day.....this time in the year of our Dino 1964. .

From the blog pad, "The Old Disc Jockey's Almanac" comes word from blogger Mr. Bob Dearborn that is it was on this very day in 1964 that our most beloved Dino left his hand and footprints in cement at Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theatre Likes, oh how I woulda loved to have been there that Dino-day to see our great man leave his great mark! This is certainly one stop that likes our true Dino-holics wanna visit in their Dino-pilgrimages to Hollywood.

Hats off to Mr. Bob Dearborn for remindin' all us Dino-holics of this very special event in the life and times of our King of Cool. To view this in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message. Dino-desirin', DMP

March 21, 1964…Dean Martin left his handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.


Danny G. said...

Thanks for postin' this pallie! Needed to lift my spirits after readin' the other posts bout' Dino Jr.. This did the trick! I'm gonna remember Dean as the happy-go-lucky guy that he was! We ALL need to be a little bit like him!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny G., in my estimation we all need to be a whole lot more likes him...glad this post lifted your Dino-spirits.... keeps lovin' our Dino!

Always On Watch said...

I've had more than one occasion to visit this block of cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Somewhat like reaching out and touching our Dino!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, how cool of you to pay homage to our Dino in this way....what a thrill to put your hands where our Dino put his hands....awesome! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!