Sunday, April 22, 2012

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "From the Bottom of My Heart"

Mama mia pallies!!! This weeks Serenade "From the Bottom of My Heart" has our Dean down on his bended knee. He's got this swingin' little Italiana regazza (girl) who just ain't givin' our pal a chance! Sounds like she tore his heart out and slammed it on the marble floors of Rome itself!

He's beggin'...He's pleadin'...He's willin' to do anythin' to get this sweet sweet chickalina back, but she just ain't listenin' to our goomba! I don't know what he can do pals. Maybe if Dean really pours his heart out...really lays all his cards on the table...and adds in some of his smooth smooth croonin' & swoonin'...maybe this little bambina will give our bestest pal nother' chance.

 Dammi Dammi Dammi tanto amore...Fammi Fammi Fammi questo favore! (Give me, give me, give me all your love...Let me, let me, let me have this favor!) Man o man pals...what girl in her right mind could refuse Dino when he sings such a sweet sweet serenade? Well pals...let's let Dean work his cool cool magic and see what happens. I bet it all works itself out in the end! Enjoy!
From the bottom of my heart, Dear
I love you
Even though you broke my heart
I still love you
What more can I say
Since you went away
I just couldn't hide my pride
Truly dear, oh how I cried

From the bottom of my heart, Dear
I miss you
I would give my very soul
Just to kiss you
Please come back to me
Hold me tenderly
Take me in your heart again
Be mine my love, forever

Dammi, dammi, dammi tanto amore
Fammi, fammi, fammi questo favore
Dolce come tu ? la giovent?
Primavera sei per me
Vieni su fammi saper
Dammi, dammi solo un p? di speranza
Un bacin da te per me ? bastanza
Ma se nel tuo cor' puoi trovar ancor
Un p? piu d'amor, amor,
Be mine, my love forever.
(From the bottom of my heart)



cupcake153 said...

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R.C. said...

I'd love to know what kind of woman would break Dean's heart in the first place. It sure wouldn't be me, I'll tell you that.

Danny G. said...

Ha Ha! I hear ya' R.C.! Musta' been some crazy chickalina!;)

Danny G.

Kylie said...

Love this song :)