Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Dino and Miss Cathy Makin' the Scene

Hey pallies, likes in this week where we are rememberin' our beloved Dino's marriage to wife numero 3, Cathy-with-the-candified K-Hawn, likes thought I woulda shares some outstandin' pixs of the lovin' couple. Likes I knows that all of these candids have been shared more then once here at ilovedinomartin...but since all true Dino-holics likes can never ever gets 'nough of our Dino, knows they will certainly be worthy of 'nother Dino-viewin'.

Each and every one of 'em is truly such a Dino-gem showin' our great man at the greatest time of his life, at the pinacle of his unbelievably successful career, at the peak of his superior swingin' life.

The first couple of pixs, for sure, were snapped while our Dino and Miss Cathy where likes makin' the scene at the exclusive "in and beautiful" Candy Store Discotheque. How amazin' to view our beloved Dino and Miss Cathy clubbin' at this likes fab of fab place.

And pallies, likes so so loves that totally mod look of our Dino...showin' that he is one truly with it kinda guy. If likes only these Dino-shots coulda talks likes what amazin' Dino-tales woulda they speak!

I have ordered these Dino-poses in the order of my most fav to the least...and woulda loves to hear from all you pallies likes on which you groove on the most your own Dino-self. Oh, how I wished I had made the pilgrimage to the Candy Store and been present to see our great man makin' the scene with his amore Cathy. Dino-desirin', DMP


Danny G. said...

Love em' all pally! How could I pick a fav?

Danny G.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes I know what you mean Danny G...and likes I just added a fifth....of course adjustin' the Dino-order for my Dino-rankin. Thanks for the patter, and likes keeps lovin' our Dino!