Sunday, April 17, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Duetin' with Dino"

Hey pals! I've got a great Serenade for ya' today! I'm callin' this one "Duetin' with Dino." Can't think of a duet that l totally dig more than "Things" featurin' a young and adorable Miss Nancy Sinatra.

This is the "classic" kind of Dino song that I can completely get into. Loved his voice and his look at this point of his career. I'm guessin' that this was in the mid sixties and Dean seemed to be a little older and much wiser.

I would have to say that both singers voices really compliment one nother'. And the way that Nancy stares at "Uncle Dean" lets you know how much she truly loved and admired him. I'm wonderin' if she might even of had a crush on "Uncle Dean"! What do ya' think pallies?

By the way , this is also one of my girl pallie, Stella's, Dino-favs! She really digs this video. She says "It's mommy and daddy!" Man, she's learnin' already how to butter-up her pop!

Also, just wanted to mention...It would be great if fellow posters continued to contribute to the "Serenades". Please don't think I'm tyin' to keep all the fun for myself! Ha ha! If anyone has a great Dino tune in mind just drop our outstandin' host, Mr. Dean Martin Peters, an email. OK, now let's get to the Duetin'! And as usual pals o' mine...Always keep the vino AND the Dino flowin'!

Danny G.


Every night I sit here by my window

starin' at a lonely avenue,

watching lovers holding hands and laughin',

thinkin' bout the things they used to do.

(Thinkin' 'bout things) Like a walk in the park,

(Things) like a kiss in the dark,

(Things) like a sailor boat ride,

what about the night we cried?

Things like a lovin' wow, Things that we don't do now,

thinkin' bout the things we used to do.

Memories are all I have to cling to,

and heartaches are the frames I'm talking to.

When I'm not thinking of just how much I loved you,

I'm thinking 'bout the things we used to do.

(Thinkin' 'bout things) Like a walk in the park...

I still can hear the juke-box softly playin',

and the face I see is there belongs to you.

No, there's not a single sound,

and there's nobody else around,

but I just mean thinkin' 'bout things we used to do.

(Thinkin' 'bout things) Like a walk in the park...

And the heartaches are the frames I'm talking to.

You got me thinkin' 'bout the things we used to do.

Thinkin' bout

1 comment:

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, I'm with you Danny G....likes Miss Nancy musta have a huge thin' for our great man...indeed what chick in their right might doesn't want our Dino and likes what dude in his right mind doesn't wants to be exactly likes our great man?!??!??!?!

Thanks for sharin' 'nother great Dino-serenade rights from the bottom of your Dino-devoted heart! Keeps lovin' our Dino!