Sunday, March 07, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Sunny Side Of The Street"

 Hey pals! 

Welcome back & welcome to March! 

We's is gettin' SO SO close to Spring, mi amici! Yayyyy!!! 

I can hardly contain myself! Haha!! 

To me...Spring is the BESTEST time of the year, pals! 

Birds singin'! 

Blue skies shinin'! 

Grass & flowers startin' their sproutin'! 

Man! I cants' think of a better time to be alive, my friends! Dino-diggin' pallies...who comes to mind...with all these WON DER FUL thoughts...more than our pal amongst pals, Dino?! 

I say Dean & Spring go hand in hand...just like the birds & the buzzy little bees! Haha!! 

Yup, this is a VERY special time, my friends. 

I thinks I will pick one of my own personal FAVES to get this Pre-Spring vibe, vibin'! 

A TRULY inspirational Dino-jam! 

No matter what life throws our way, pals...virus or no virus...even if we is knocked off our feet, & is lyin' face down in the mud...we ALWAYS have good ol' Dino to pick us back up! 

Simply gets up...wipe off that mud...& walk on over to "The Sunny Side of the Street"! 

Let's sit back & let our pallie do what he does best...Spin some of that Dino-magic. 

Ok, my friends. Spring is gettin' closer every Dino-day! 

13 days to be exact! 

And I don't care WHAT Ol' Mother Nature sends our way...this is our season, pallies! 

Ours & Dino's! 

Snow or rain...Sun or clouds...this is our new yearly beginnin' & that's what REALLY counts! 

It's a state of mind! 


Hit it Dino! 


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