Sunday, March 14, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "My Heart Reminds Me"

 Welcome back, mi Dino-lovin' peeps! 

How's the weather? 

Dare I ask?! 

Well,'s nice one day...bloody freezin' the next! Haha!! 

I ain't complainin' though pallies! Told youse last week...Spring is a state of mind. 

Only six days to go! 

Don't forget, after IS only March. Comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. Somethin' like that, I thinks. Comes in like a shot of booze, goes out like a glass of vino, maybe. 

Either way, pallies...Winter ain't QUITE over yet. BUT, it is March! 

Now that means two thins' to me...1) Spring is on it's way! & 2) CRAZY weather! Haha!! 

Let's concentrate on the Spring part. 

To keep us on track, for the BEA U TI FUL days headin' our way...I decided on a pretty little tune, that I heard the other day, for today's Serenade.  

I know youse gonna completely MELT into this one, mi amici! Hopefully will gets the icy days meltin' too! 

"My Heart Reminds Me" will remind ALL us Dino-holics what our great great pal was originally known for...the MOST beautiful & romantico Italian croonin' to ever make it's way to the masses! Ha! 

These cold & frosty days don't stands a chance with this tune, pals! 

Man...thins' is heatin' up already!!! 

OK pallies, let's settle back into a warm & comfy spot......& stay positive! 

Spring is on it's way & this damn virus is on it's way OUT! I'm hopin' & prayin'. 

We got this! 

Most of all, my friends...ALWAYS keeps the Dino vibe in your heart! 

That conquers ALL! 


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