Sunday, February 21, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "La Vie En Rose"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

Welcome to our fourth week of our love-drenched Dino-serenades! 

I'm hopin' your Dino-Amore Day was So So sweet & drippin' with all kinds of Romance! 

But, my friends...Dino knows that affairs of the heart are not always easy to find! He knows it can take time to stumble upon that EXTRA special someone. 

Or maybe even reconcile with the one that nearly got away. 

Well, my pals...Fear not! 

Dino-Amore Month continues! 

We still has two more swoonin' set the mood! 

Now, this promised...we is accentin' 'nother "language of love". 

Vive la France! Haha!! 

Known for their rainy days & love-drenched nights...the French DEF I NATE LY know how to love unconditionally! 

I'm sure we all can use a refresher course...every now & the art of the heart. So, pals...who better than the French, & our very own Dino, to give us all a lesson in love?!

Yes, mi amici...I'm reachin' for "French Style". 

This vinyl masterpiece simply OOZES love! 
DRIPS with romance! 

Man!!! This is gettin' steamy! 

Ok, pallies...take a deep breath...ahhhhhh. 
That's better. 

Man o' man...these type o' jams REALLY get me goin'! 

Thinks' I better grab us a romantico but soothin' bing thins' down to a steady simmer. 

"La Vie En Rose"...loosely translated as "a life in roses" exactly what we need. 

It's soft & peaceful...passionate & comfy...all wrapped into one, pals.  
Relaxes my soul. 

Dino's croonin' on this one is PURE gold, my friends. 

I'm thinkin' this is the one...that will melt even the coldest heart. 

Class is in session, pals. 
Professeur Dino says, "Take notes!" 


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