Sunday, February 07, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Non Dimenticar"

 Ahhhhh...welcome back pallies. 

Man o man...what a BEA U TI FUL croon I have for our second week of spreadin' the Dino-Amore! 

Now, pals...I've heard it said that French is known as "the language of love! Well, my friends...I am here to claim it for the Italians! Hahaha!!! 

Now I means NO disrespect to my French Dino-holics! But, man o man, pals...This here serenade is just SO SO ROMANTICO!!!  I cant take it! 

"Non Dimenticar"...translates to "Don't Forget". 

I'm thinkin' it's sayin' how WONDERFUL life can be when you is together with that very special someone...& is just SO SO deeply in love...& PLEASE DO NOT FORGET ME, while we're apart. 

Mama mia! So ROMANTICO! 

I have to repeat myself, pals! 

It's just such a PRETTY PRETTY song, no matter WHAT may get lost in translation!  

It's SURE to melt Ol' Man Winter's icy days  & heat up even the CHILLIEST of nights! 

Man...Dino SURELY knew how to set the mood & he SURELY knew how to speak from the heart! 

Hey pals...I'm thinkin'...if youse maybe still have yet to find love...durin' this VERY special month... & may be wonderin' exactly what to do in these crazy, socially distanced days...I have a suggestion. 


That's ALL youse needs to do, mi love seekin' amici! 

Who could resist Dino croonin' this sweet sweet Italiano tune?! Ha! 

Well pals...that's my advice. 

Spread some love into the air & keep an open heart. We never know what life will throw at us tomorrow. 

Romance maybe??? Haha!! 

I am personally sendin' this one to a VERY special someone. Someone I am missin'. Let's just hope they is viewin' our VERY special Serenade, today. 

Ciao, mi amici!    

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