Sunday, May 03, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Birds & The Bees"

Hey pals o' mine!

What's shakin'?!

Happy May!

I know...I know...thins' is still VERY crazy right now.'s still May! A BEA U TI FUL month, just the same!

We can still act silly with Dino & STILL enjoy life! 

Now don't get me wrong, pals...April is great!
I love it!
It's the beginnin' of Spring!

But, man o man...May is when thins' REALLY start gettin' "Springy"!

Skies get bluer...grass gets greener...everythin' just seems to become "Springier"!
Is that even a real word, pallies?

O well, whatever...youse get's my point.

Now I know we are still cooped quarantine mode...& rightfully so, mi amici...but we can STILL soak in some of our God given beauties, pals!

We gots' the gentle breezes...the sunny days...the flowers bloomin' & Dean Martin's croonin'!

Now, I don't know 'bout youse...but, man...they GOTTA put a smile on your face, pallies!

Life STILL is good!

It's still a wonderful time of year...& I, for one, am refusin' to lose that mindset!

So while we're all hunkerin' down...layin' low & takin' thins' slow...always 'member...We got Dino...we hopefully got some vino.

We got the flowers & trees & we gots' "The Birds & The Bees"!

Enjoy the Serenade, my friends & stay the Dino-course!


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