Sunday, February 23, 2020

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'm In The Mood For Love"

Well we is!

Windin' down 'nother Dino-Amore Month.

Man...what times we had.

I know...I know. It's a little bittersweet. 
But fear not ol' pals o mine!
We still gots 6 more GLORIOUS days to soak it in &...not to mention...ONLY 25 DAYS 'TIL SPRING!!!

Plus...this bein' a leap year...we's gets an extra day of Amore-Month!
Now THAT is sweet!

So, here I am...ponderin'...not ONLY which COOL COOL CROON to cap off the month's Serenades with, but...which COOL COOL VID to use!!!

Man o man...what a dilemma!!!

OK...I thinks there's really just ONE tune that can send Dino-Amore Month off with a bang..."I'm In The Mood For Love"!!!

Dosen't get ANY simpler than that, pals!

Dean's tellin' us EX ACT LY how he feels & the LOVE VIBE is DEF I NATE LY in the air!!

Quick...go grab your BESTEST somebody...They GOTTA hear this one!!!

Now...which vid?

Well, mi amici...there's only one vid that's REALLY grabbin' my eye.

I thinks I can speak for us all, when I say, Dean's live vids are the best.
I feel like he's right here with me!
Still croonin' & swoonin'!
Laughin' & smilin'!
Tellin' me, "Pay attention, kid! This is what life's ALL 'bout" L.O.V.E.!

It's the truth, pals!

Everythin' else comes far behind.

OK, my friends...let's pull it down a notch.
Take this one real easy like.

As we slip outta Dino-Amore month, this week, & into March...let's do it with Dino's peaceful vibe.

Likes I said...Spring is right 'round the corner.

And with Spring...just like with Dean...LOVE is in the air!

It's been my pleasure sharin' all these EXTRA special Dino-tunes!
Can hardly wait 'til next year!

See youse in March, pallies!



BlueisCoool said...

Dean Martin singing 'I'm in the mood for love' has to be one of the all time classic songs, what a treat it is to see it here. And the perfect time of year with spring only around the corner. With everything about to break open and warmer weather coming our way it doesn't get better than this. A wonderful selection this week Danny G.!

Have a wonderful week.


Danny G. said...

Glad you dug the Dino-jam, Scotty my pal! I just got home from your neck of the woods...sunny FLA. Was nice to see how the other half lives! haha!!

BlueisCoool said...

I hope you had a good time my friend, the weather has been up and down this past winter here, warm one day and cool the next. But at least there has been no snow. :-)

Have a good week.