Friday, June 08, 2018

Felice ritorno, Dino! Let's make it a regular thing again, okay?


Hey pallies likes on this day after the 101st anniversary of THE DAY THAT COOLNESS CAME TO EARTH, we have felt completely, coolly called to share one of the most deeply delightful devotions to our Dino that we have ever read....that potently perfect prose swankly scribed by Dino-biographer Mr. Nick Tosches, "God Created Dean Martin In His Own Image Then Stood Back."  Likes to our way of Dino-thinkin' Tosches is premier pontificator of all thin's Dino.  We have shared this marvelous masterpiece of Dino-prose numerous times here at ilovedinomartin and we are totally totally thrilled to return it to the pages of our humble little Dino-conclave this very Dino-day.

Likes it is taken from Tosches' tome, "Nick Tosches' Reader" and  it's a stunnin'ly stellar piece of Dino-patter written on the release of one of our amazin' man's final al-b-ums, "Once In A While."  Likes this was our most beloved Dino's last disc for the pallies at Reprise. Recorded in November 1974, and  it likes took almost 4 long years before it was released on October 20, 1978.

Written by Tosches twelve years before his award winnin' Dino-bio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Living" reached print, "God Created Dean Martin In His Own Image Then Stood Back," is likes, to our Dino-philic  perspective, likes the most most hugest homagin' of the man who came to be known fabulously far and wonderfully wide as "The King Of Cool."

Tosches likes knows how to speak the ultimately ubber Dino-truth, and likes his devotion to our great man is devotionally deep, passionately pure, and trustworthy true! And, thus it is with these wondrously wise words, might we say pallies, of profound poetry, that we honor our beloved Dino on his awesome anniverary of his day of birthin'.

ilovedinomartin says our absolute appreciato to Mr. Nick Tosches for perfectly puttin' the accent on our Dino in this coolest of the cool way and makin' for the most fittin' of fittin' tributes to the man known as Dino!   To view this in it's original format, as usual, just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

God Created Dean Martin
In His Own Image,
Then Stood Back

from the "Nick Tosches' Reader" chapter 27

Since 1972 life has been amiss, and there has been emptiness. Bare, unbudding; the saplings of stark need knew no spring. Candles were lit, letters were writ; prayers said, tears shed. But grayness begat naught but bleak grayness, and the new Dean Martin album never came.

Some of us, such as Elvis, who had declared Dino his idol, could not bear the agony of forbearance. Others, such as myself, endured by listening to the original mono version of "That's Amore" and reminding ourselves that it had taken Michelangelo eight years to fresco the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel --- and Michelangelo didn't even drink!

Now we faithful can rejoice. Let there be the pouring of liquors and the raising of skirts. The man has returned, and life as we knew it may resume.

It is no secret that Dean Martin has influenced more singers than any man alive. He taught Elvis the dramaturgy of sincerity, Jerry Lee the powers of diplopic decrescendo. Jim Morrison the nuances of erotic detachment, and Randy Newman how to comb his hair. Once In A While, Dino's first album in more than six years, proves that il padrone (as Jim Morrison called him) is still the master.

The love song has been the center of Dino's art from the beginning (He first hit the charts in 1950, vowing "I Will Always Love You.") Here the gurglings and gropings of love are celebrated in all their glory. "Without a Word of Warning" and "The Day You Came Along" tell of answered dreams of the moist kind. "It's Magic" and "Only Forever," two beauties from the '40's, bow the knee of fealty to She-Whose-Face-Launches-Ships-and-Smiles-Salaciously-After-the-Fourth-Drink, "If I Had You" and
"Once in a While" wallow sweetly in the lappings of unrequited love. "I Cried for You" is a savoring of vengeance. In "Love Thy Neighbor" Dino advices us to bless the skin of errant wives in no certain terms.

Two of the album's most impressive performances are found in "Twilight on the Trail" and a version of the World War I killer "That Old Gang Of Mine." The first, remindful of Dino's "Houston," is a homage to irresponsibility and the joys of immediate gratification. "That Old Gang of Mine" shows that while Dino is always singing about broads, his old buddies are still where his heart is.

What a guy.

Felice ritorno, Dino! Let's make it a regular thing again, okay?


Danny G. said...

Felice ritorno indeed! Happy returns! No one says it like Nick! Patter like that gets me So So pumped to keep this Cool cool month flowin’, pal! The Dino-vibe is in full gear, mi amici!!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, likes youse and we both dude! Let's keeps the Dino-amore pumpin' in our Dino-hearts! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most most most beloved DINO!