Sunday, March 11, 2018

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "My Heart Reminds Me"

Welcome back, mi Dino-lovin' peeps!

How's the weather?

Dare I ask?!

Well, here we are...once 'gain...diggin' our way outta Mother Nature's wrath!
I ain't complainin' though pallies!

Told youse last week...Spring is a state of mind.

Nine days to go!

Don't forget, after IS only March.

Comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.
Somethin' like that, I thinks.
Comes in like a shot of booze, goes out like a glass of vino, maybe.
Either way, pallies...Winter ain't QUITE over yet.

BUT, it is March!

Now that means two thins' to me...1) Spring is on it's way! & 2) SNOW!!!
Let's concentrate on the Spring.

To keep us on track, for the BEA U TI FUL days headin' our way...I decided on a pretty little tune, that I heard the other day, for today's Serenade. 

I knows youse gonna completely MELT into this one, mi amici!
Hopefully will gets the snow meltin' too!

"My Heart Reminds Me" will remind ALL us Dino-holics what our great great pal was originally known for...the MOST beautiful & romantico Italian croonin' to ever make it's way to the masses!

These cold & snowy days don't stands a chance with this tune, pals!

Man...thins' is heatin' up already!!!

OK pallies, settle back into Winter...just a little more to go...& stay positive!
We got this!

Most of all, my friends...ALWAYS keeps the Dino vibe in your heart!

That conquers ALL!


I hear the sound of music
Your favorite kind of music
And that reminds me dear of you

I see the summer roses
Your favorite shade of roses
And that reminds me too of you dear

If I could hear no music
If there could be no roses
No summer nights to make me dream as I do
I still would not forget you
One thing would still be true
My heart reminds me I love you

I still would not forget you
One thing would still be true
My heart reminds me I love you


BlueisCoool said...

Every time I turn around there is another major storm heading to dear old New England and one is coming in a couple of days. I can only imagine every single person is just waiting till spring gets here and it is only a short while away. A beautiful song from Dean this week Danny G., and as he said just think about those summer roses because they will be blooming before you know it. Better days are coming for all!

Have a great week no matter what the wether is like.


Danny G. said... it comes’gain, Scott. March has been kickin’ our butts! youse said...Better days are comin’ for all! I’ll just keep the Dino & the vino flowin’ in the mean time! Haha!! Glad youse dug the Dino-tune, pallie!