Sunday, February 18, 2018

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Senza Fine"

Welcome back, mi amici!

Grab a glass of vino & get comfy.

Dino-Amore Month continues!

It's time to daydream with Dean & I is 'bout to lay some smooooth Dino-croonin' on youse.

Well, we all know...the world works in mysterious ways.

Kinda like Dean.

Yes,'s true!
Let's me explain.

Now, I already had a cool cool swoonin' tune all set for today's Serenade.
When outta the blue blue skies... I say's to myself..."I could go for some tea."

I've been feelin' a little under the weather this week, pals. I'm gettin' ready to probably burn my throat on the scaldin' water...I just happened to notice there was a little note on the teabags tag.
This is what it said.

And I quote..."The beauty of the soul is constant, continuous & endless."


Let me tell youse nice nice Dino-holics...this COMPLETELY sent me in a whole new Dino-direction for this week's Dino-Amore serenade!

"Senza Fine" ...without ANY doubt...the ONLY tune that I could pick!

Translated from Italiano..."Never Ending".


Just like my teabag!

Dean sent me his message!

This is his message he wanted me to send to youse!

Youse think so, pallies?

Call me crazy, pals...but I believe in these little signs!

This BEA U TI FUL tune explains how love should be.
How we should feel.
Dino knew that.

 Don't hold back, my friends!

Love is meant to be shared!


And as I said here before, don't matter if it's your Husband, Wife, Mom or, cat, golfball or meatball!
Just share some love!!!

OK, pals...youse take it from here!

Enjoy the moment & spread some Dino-love 'round!

Ciao, mi amici!

Senza fine
Let it always be senza fine
There's no end to our love
Our hopes, our dreams, our sighs
No end at all, no sad goodbyes
No fears, no tears, no love that dies
It's senza fine
Senza fine
Let it always be senza fine
The sunlit days, the moonlit nights
The sea, the sand, the starry heights
Are yours and mine forever more
All we are and all we know
Is love and love alone, so
We'll go floating far above
In never-ending timeless love
(Let it always be senza fine)
The sunlit days, the moonlit nights
The sea, the sand, the starry heights
Are yours and mine forever more
Let it always be senza fine
Never-ending it's senza fine
La-da-dea-da-da-de... Fade


BlueisCoool said...

It would seem this week is a extra special week Danny G., it looks like Dean himself has channeled you with an incredible sounding song. I am fully onboard with this myself, all the signs point to it! I hope you are feeling a bit better today my friend and have a great week.


ed said...

What a great song Danny! Top shelf as always!

Danny G. said...

Thanks pals! Glad youse dug my Dino-inspirations! My pleasure as usual!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, we likes deeply digs to the Dino-max how our most beloved Dino sent you a lovin' message and how you chose to follow his lovin' lead! Keeps lovin' 'n listenin' to 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!