Thursday, September 01, 2016

On This Day In Dino-history: September 1, 1949

Hey pallies, likes on this day, September 1 in the year of our Dino 1949,  the weddin' bells did chime for our most beloved Dino and his queen of beauty bride Miss Jeanne Biegger. Dino and Miss Jeanne, wife numero duo, tied the knot at  the pad of Mr. Herman Hover.  This date likes holds the deepest of deep significance this particular year seein' how our Dino's Jeanne recently passed away on August 24 joinin' our Dino in the here after.

As we, with reverence,  remember this day of absolute awesome bountiful bliss for our Dino, ilovedinomartin shares with you a post that a Deanager tagged  Catie shared at her tumblr blog, "They always look better at night..," on this day of Dino-significance, last in 2012.  Our Catie combines an outstandin' weddin' pix of the beau-ti-ful couple with some potently powerful  prose scribed by Mr. Jerry Lewis from his magnificant Dino-bio, "Dean and Me: A Love Story."

Just likes we  totally totally  grooves to be likes readin' these kind of glorious Dino-details....and these reflections from Mr. Lewis notin' the extremely close relationship that our most beloved Dino had with his bestest of best pallie Jerry.

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Miss Catie for creatin' this Dino-memory on her tumblr account, sure to bring many of today's nouveau hipsters to the keen knowledge and awesome adulation of our great great man. Dino-rememberin', DMP btw pallies, if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram you will be taken to the Dean Martin essential pad for all those who are deeply devoted to our Dino!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

You just got out of a marriage,” I said. “What the fuck are you rushing into another one for?”

He just stared at me, shocked that I had hit the issues on the button. I hurried to explain myself. “Forgive me, Paul.” I said. “Jeanne’s a great girl, and I think she would follow you to the ends of the earth. I know she would wait until you were ready. And there are four kids to think about.”

Dean thought for a moment. “Listen Jer,” he said. “You know me better than anyone, so what I say is between us. I do worry about my kids. But this feels so right. So strong.”

I nodded, finally understanding that he was really in love, and probably for the first time. “It’s your life, pal,” I told him. “And you have to do what’s best for you. You’ve always taken care of your kids; now it’s your turn to take care of yourself. Everything’ll fall into place.”

He threw his arms around me in a bear hug and whispered into my ear: “Thanks, Jer.”

As it turned out, Jeanne was the best thing that ever happened to Dean.

Jerry Lewis to Dean Martin on the day of his wedding to second wife Jeanne Biegger, September 1, 1949.


Danny G. said...

Man, pallie! Those words are short but powerful! Hits a soft spot with me...the love Dean had for Jeanne...&...the love Jerry had for Dean. Thanks for sharin" on this very special & bittersweet day.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o....indeed, once Jeanne married our Dino, Jeanne and Jerry had to share his affection, and likes youse can blame either of 'em for wantin' to have our Dino all to themself. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most beloved Dino!

BlueisCoool said...

I have to agree with Danny G., those were very powerful words for sure. There is no question that Jerry wanted nothing but the best for his friend. This was a very important day in the history of Dean and such a happy one for sure. It is also hard to believe that Jeanne past away so close to the anniversary of her wedding, it is kind of eerie. Thank you DMP for this wonderful and powerful post.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes indeed Scotty, Mr. Lewis was wantin' the best for his perfect partner, our one and only Dino! Keeps lovin', diggin', 'n sharin' our Dino!