Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dean Martin, Sammy and friends - New Aquisitions.

Hey pallies, likes dudes hot on the heels of all those wonderous Dino-posts featurin' the one-sixth size action figures of our Dino and the Jer by our pallie Geronimo over at "OSW - ONESIXTHWARRIORS.COM," comes yet 'nother dude who has shared 'nother action figure that looks " remarkably like Dean Martin."

From the pad, "Quantrill's Toy Solders," from the pen of Mr. James O'Connell, comes part of O'Connel's reflections, "Dean Martin, Sammy and friends - New Aquisitions."  Seems a pallie tagged Chris Goddard had a couple of "strange MPC ring hand figures" that  were intended as firemen but he just painted them in civilian casuals."  Well after paintin' 'em they turned out to "look remarkably like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior!"

Likes dudes you can be likes the judge of the Dino-figure as pixs featurin' him appear below. To this Dino-holic indeed the figure looks quite likes our most beloved Dino...and to my eyes he looks very very '70's mod....and indeed our great man became very mod in the swingin' '70's.  Woulda loves to hears your take on this oh so cool Dino-representation.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. James O'Connell for sharin' this cool Dino-figure with his readership.  Likes to checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-delightedly, DMP

The recent ACOTS convention yielded more additions to my collection. Although I do acquire some figures to finish off series or because they are valuable I mostly collect because I like the look of a figure or I can conscript it (or it volunteers!) into one of my many armies. So rather than buying pristine hollow cast or plastics I often buy damaged or poor condition ones to re-paint.
Among the recent additions were Britains hollow cast, some old hard plastics and two strange MPC ring hand figures from Chris Goddard. He tells me that they were intended as firemen but he just painted them in civilian casuals. We agreed that they look remarkably like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior! Sammy had wandered off somewhere during the photo session but I'll include his picture at a later date.

                                  Below: 'Dean Martin' with some unsavoury fellows in the background. I think I                                 need a bottle to put in Dean's hand and maybe a darker shade of hair.

  Below: Deano again.

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