Sunday, April 14, 2013

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Take Good Care Of Her"


Man o man pals...does our great great Dino show us just how big of a heart he has, in this week's Serenade!!! "Take Good Care Of Her" tells us bout' Dean's heartache after losin' his main chickalina to some other lucky guy.
He dosen't get mad...he dosen't get even...instead Dino teaches ALL of us 'bout the TRUEST of TRUE love & the PUREST of PURE compassion! He gracefully steps aside...and lets his love go. Did she come back to him??? Guess we'll never know.
We've all had our share of lost love pallies...& sometimes we just gotta be like Dean & move on. There's ALWAYS tomorrow & we never know WHERE love will find us next! Stay Dino-strong pals!!!

I supposed I ought to say congratulations
For you've won the only girl I've ever loved
But I've hurt too much to face the situation
Just take good care of her, take good care of her.

Just to be around her was my greatest pleasure
She was everything my future held in store
So remember when you take my only treasure
Please take good care of her, take good care of her.

I must accepted she loves you more than me
So with my broken heart I'll bow out gracefuly.

Please don't send me any wedding invitation
For I couldn't bear to see her there with you
If she's happy that'll be my consolation
So take good care of her, take good care of her.


Always On Watch said...

Nice bolero rhythms in this one.

Always On Watch said...

That particular album cover photo of our Dino shows a particularly sexy devil, IMO.