Sunday, September 16, 2012

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Just Kiss Me"

Man o man pals...have I got us a swingin' little jam for today's Serenade!!! A very dear friend actually turned me on to "Just Kiss Me"...and as God as my judge...I CAN'T STOP LISTENIN'!!! It's just sooo sooo fun & sooo sooo Dino! No one else could pull this one off like our pallie!

Now if I'M this excited bout' this great great find...I can't even imagine how the LADIES out there are gonna take it! C'mon now's Dean Martin himself...croonin' & swoonin' for just a little kiss!!!

What lovely lady could say NO???!!! O man, there may be riotin' in the streets!!! Hahaha!!! OK...I told youse I was excited!!! Turn this one way way up while I go pour me some liquid relaxation! Enjoy!

No don't speak just kiss me
Just kiss me just kiss me
Please don't move just kiss me
Just kiss me and I'll know

You don't have to tell me of your desire
'Cause I'll never hear you while my heart's on fire
So don't explain kiss me
Just kiss me and I'll know

(To have and to hold you)
To have and to hold you
(It's so divine)
It's so divine
(Love fills me completely)
So completely
(When your lips meet mine)
Ah when your lips meet mine

So don't explain kiss me
Just kiss me and I'll know
(And I'll know

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