Monday, September 29, 2008

King Of The Road - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Dean Martin

Hey pallies, just discovered this cool site, Mashup Industries, that have produced this cool Dinotrib album tagged King Of The Road --- A Bastard Pop Tribute To Dean Martin. To give the tunes a listen, just click on the tagg of this Dinopost and start the so cool to see youngens payin' trib to our greats to know that our King of Cool is likes more popular then Dinoever. Dinodelightedly, DMP

Written by Clivester (Administrator)
Saturday, 27 September 2008
Mashup Industries proudly presents:
KING OF THE ROAD - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Dean Martin

It's been a while since the last Mashup Industries themed album project. Now we are back with a tribute to one of the greatest entertainers ever - Dean Martin. Many artists from around the world got together to honor Dino with 14 unique tracks from various genres. But hear for yourself:

1. RIAA - That's A-Funky 02:20

2. The Who Boys - Let's Go Dino 04:31

3. Clivester - (My First) Big Things 03:52

4. ApolloZero - Dino's Dream (ApolloZero Reconstruct) 06:05

5. RIAA - SKAmbo Italiano 02:06

6. KrazyBen - King Of The Missing Groove 04:01

7. BenDoubleM - Let Me Go Beautiful Liar 03:51

8. RIAA - Kick Bob Marley In The Head 02:15

9. Pilchard - Fish Thing 04:35

10. DJ Schmolli - My Girl Is King Of The Road 02:43

11. RIAA - Dream With Dean 02:14

12. Copycat - Mambo Italiano (A Copycat Remix) 03:38

13. Qubic - Swing 'Till Somebody Loves You 04:34

14. BONUS TRACK: RIAA - I Saw Her Things (A Pet Sounds Mix) 02:33

Download (or listen to) the individual tracks above or grab the full album HERE!

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Mashup Industries said...

Thx 4 the heads up! I grew up with reruns of old Dino movies and I have always been a huge fan of the man. He truly IS the king of cool!

So i had the idea for this project, called some producers from every corner of the earth and they all loved the idea. I also think of this project to be educational for teenagers who might have no clue about Dino - so if they wont listen to his originals at least they now know who he was!


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Clive, well man, all my thanks goes to you for your Dinocreativity..thanks for lovin' our Dino and sharin' that Dinopassion through this totally cool Dinoproject...

Keith said...

Hey pallie DMP. I'm listening to it now. This is so cool. I've got some friends that I think would really love this. It's an awesome idea for an album. It's not what one would expect of a tribute to Dino. That's what makes it so cool.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, loves all these Dinosurprises...and the many many ways our Dino is bein' honored by young and old alike...